LP Painted Ponys was begun in 1995 as a fun venture to include the whole family with equines sized to fit the smallest Hoffman while in Montana.

LP Painted Ponys has found a permanent home in Cameron, NC.  We are still in the process of setting up all the pastures and the training/driving areas.  As of 2018, we are not continuing to breed Foundation Shetland Ponies, at this time.  We still own 8 Shetland ponies, all of Foundation type.  We will continue to enjoy them and hope to start driving again in the next few months after a very LONG hiatus.  A few of them may be for sale.

“People Ponies for Pony People”

Enjoy browsing through our website and if you’d like to come visit – call or email us.


24 November 2020 – Update – Driving Ponys – Farm work?
23 November 2020 – Update – Riding Hunt Seat – Ponys jump ahead
23 November 2020 – Update – Shows – riding Shetlands western
23 November 2020 – Update – Pony History: Bit

We still get asked “Y Ponies?”.  This has been my personal response since 1995 –

“Y Ponys?”