LP Painted Ponys was begun in 1995 as a fun venture to include the whole family with equines sized to fit the smallest Hoffman while in Montana.

LP Painted Ponys incorporates a family oriented pony breeding program utilizing the Shetland pony stallions Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard (Wizard to us) and LP Painted AJs Echo (Echo) along with a selected group of Shetland pony mares.  Our farm name was derived through our original and current stallions being homozygous for the Tobiano pinto pattern – resulting in all “painted” foals with family friendly personalities.  We consider them to be “People Ponies for Pony People”.  The foals are handled from birth.  Our family has done the majority of training and daily handling, but some have been sent out to professional trainers for additional training or for conditioning and showing.

LP Painted Ponys has found a permanent home in Cameron, NC.  We are still in the process of setting up all the pastures and the training/driving areas.  While moving, we’ve continued to breed and raise purebred, pinto Foundation Shetland Ponies.  We may have the pony of your dreams – for family pleasure, show ring excitement and the satisfaction of continuing the bloodlines of good quality ponies.

“People Ponies for Pony People”

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18 August 2018 – New filly – Mati
4 August 2018 – New Colt – Kappy
29 July – Eclipse arrives – Eclipse
29 July 2018 – Return home – Koal
29 July 2018 – Return home – Kreature
29 July 2018 – Return home – Oly
21 June 2018 – New Colt – Hopper
15 June 2018 – New Filly – B-B

We still get asked “Y Ponies?”.  This has been my personal response since 1995 –

“Y Ponys?”