LP Painted Ponys was begun in 1995 as a fun venture to include the whole family with equines sized to fit the smallest Hoffman while in Montana.

LP Painted Ponys has found a permanent home in Cameron, NC.  We are still in the process of setting up all the pastures and the training/driving areas.  As of 2019, we are not continuing to breed Foundation Shetland Ponies, at this time.  We still own 10 Shetland ponies, all of Foundation type.  We will continue to enjoy them and hope to start driving again in the next few months after a very LONG hiatus.  A few of them may be for sale.

“People Ponies for Pony People”

Enjoy browsing through our website and if you’d like to come visit – call or email us.


8 November 2020 – Update – Stallions
9 November 2020 – Update – Foals

We still get asked “Y Ponies?”.  This has been my personal response since 1995 –

“Y Ponys?”