They’re HOME!

Got the call last weekend (during the almost ice/snow storm) and couldn’t get there to pick up the ponies…

But yesterday afternoon –

I made it to go pick up Kechi and Toro today. I was a bit worried as neither had been caught and no-one around. As I pulled around and faced out of the driveway, someone else pulled in. He was surprised I was there(friend or relative of Oswaldo), but a call to Oswaldo (owner) found that his wife had had to take children somewhere (they speak almost no english and my Spanish – well let’s just say it’s not the same to speak it in person as what you learn in jr high – I was lost yet again). But he waved me into the pasture to catch the pair (yikes – I’d been told they were bad about everything and I was expecting them to be caught and in a pen). Well I followed Kechi’s movements for about 10 minutes – 2x getting close enough to catch her but she ducked under my arm and kept right going… ugh. The other woman (wife of the guy?), came into the pasture (HUGE pasture – I was “sweating” and hoping she didn’t decide to go to the back 40 area) and when Kechi made a mistake and ducked between one of the work trucks and the fence she stopped her on her end and I came up behind, stepped right up to Kechi and haltered her.

Toro used to be laid back and easy – he would turn and face you and stand – sometimes walk right up to you. Not now. The other guy took Kechi’s lead over the fence and held her tight and Toro… well he was all kind of excited on the opposite side of Kechi from me. I reached up and touched his ear (didn’t want him mounting her while I was trying to catch him), then slid right around her haunches and got him. Once I had my arm around his neck, he stopped… Loading was a different story. You’d of thought they’d never seen a trailer at all before w/ the snort and blow stuff and the the planted/braced legs. Ah, well – got them loaded and tied and we were on our way.

Kechi was unloaded first – she wasn’t too bad.  We’ll see how she is to catch later.  They went into the large pen with Taff.  When Toro unloaded, he got a re-education as to manners.  By the end of a 15 minute session, he was paying the mares that were all calling out “Hey, “SEXY”, look my way”  no attention.


Toro’s appointment for castration is already set – he’ll become a more stable individual on 25 March.

About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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