A crazy, windy Trim Day

Hmmm…where to start?  It was a “Cat” day – “Cat” (Cat’s Horsey Services) comes out to trim our ponies hooves.  We are on a rotating, every other Friday, schedule.  We do anywhere from 4 to 10 ponies on the days she comes out.

1st thing, I had it in my mind we were doing boys – and they were all caught and eating…  But as I studied their hooves I realized that they’d been done not too long ago (we’ve had a few cancellations due to weather &/or my appointments in Jan and Feb).  No worries…

Except that the fence had broken and the Jr/Sr mares had switched fields on their own.  I wasn’t sure I’d get the Sr mares caught to do their hooves w/ them now out on the big pasture.  On top of that, obviously the fence panel I’d tied back into yesterday had ripped open again in the wind gusts last night.  As I was setting up feed to catch the girls, KoKo appeared running hard and all by herself.  She actually had her braided tail cranked up over her back and every so often as her hooves hit the ground, she’d give out with a “hoarse-ey”, croakie sound that I think was meant for a whinny!

Well, she wasn’t alone after all – the “twins” were also “hiding” in plain sight. So, as I set up feed the “twins – together hangouts” (Shamrock and Classy – 2012 – 1/2 sisters that will be 4 yrs old next month), came up to the pen to be fed. GOOD. Then a couple of the Sr mares followed… So after adding the water to the fed to soak, I started catching ponies. KoKo wanted nothing to do with me – she zoomed around like crazy. For the first time, the round pen came into operation as I opened the gate to let ponies in (had hoped to drive most of them into it). Well, caught two (KoKo and Cheri) and decided that was good for now. One by one, other mares came up to check out the feed situation and I caught them as well…

Cat arrived before I was done…

I stopped. I didn’t have Tory (no surprise there) or Koalah (that was a surprise – she’s been all about feed since losing so much condition with Kava). Cat helped by feeding a couple and it was time to get going on trimming…

I pulled Cheri out of the round pen first – that way when done she could get her own bucket of feed as well. Finished, she went into the feed pen and K-La came out. I hadn’t caught Blitzen and we were able to pet her, touch her nose but she didn’t really want to be caught. I didn’t want to set up a chase situation BUT when she walked into the feed stocks that we haven’t taken down yet, I was able to follow her and catch her. The foal halters were a long ways away in the Sr Mare feed shed! I searched thru other stuff – taking Blitzen with me w/o finding a halter I was looking for (sized for a foal). So, just used the lead rope like a “war bridle” – didn’t work perfect (she took exception and when she pulled back I found out I’d put it on wrong – cutting her air off). So fixed it – still not too happy w/ us, Blitzen laid down. OK, stay like that and we got her done…

Then it was again an interesting thing to catch Riddler (other foal – now 5 months old today). Cat said we could do him in the feed pen, but no I did lead him out to “our spot” for the day. He stood well until we did his hind hooves – then he went thru a period of pulling/yanking his leg/hoof away (not kicking). OK, worked thru that. All in all, he did very well w/ no halter and led away from his mom (who was still in the pen). This was his 3rd trim.

The rest continued w/o incident until Larry joined us. He’d picked up his bike from Hawley’s Bike World and rode out to us (practice, don’t ya’ know?). Several of the Sr mares alerted, but didn’t seem too upset. I didn’t think to say anything when he stated he was going to ride around the perimeter of the pasture… Not long after that there was a whole lot of noise and then you could hear Larry’s voice …. “whoa, easy there, whoa…” …

More on that story in a different link!!

We finished up with the 6 Sr mares and the 2 foals. 8 total ponies trimmed today!

About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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