Braided Collars – examples

So here are a sampling of some of the collars that have been made and are in use at LP Painted Ponys.

Small square bale, short strings make a nice, neat 4 strand braid. Usually braid them with a loop at one end but sometimes it’s braided directly from a knot to the end and knotted again.

Then, the loose ends are burned/melted neatly. Then it’s off to a ring or whatever you are going to use it for. Here’s Sami’s collar – he’s worn it for a while. 1st pic taken in April 2010, 2nd one in March 2015.

hay string braided collar round braid haystring collar

KoKo’s collar is a little bit different. It was braided from the smaller strands of haystring from a round bale of hay. It is 4 rope strands, made from 4 braided strands of haystring each, so 16 strings total make up the round braid. It was started as a lead rope and was used as a combo collar/drag line for KoKo. Later it was shortened to make it just a collar – the end is brought through the ring and is then stitched back to itself. It was originally made in early 2009 and it was restitched on in late 2015. Still going strong!

braided haystring collar braided collar on KoKo 16 strand collar

Flashi’s original collar was a buckle, flat braid haysting collar. Since July 2013, she has worn a paracord, flat braided collar with a buckle and a ring – one of my first braided paracord collars. It has two strands of purple, 1 strand white and 1 strand black – giving it it’s design.

flat strand braided collar Flashi - paracord halter


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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