Braiding – More Collar Examples

I have done several other collars. Some designs were done out of necessity, some were just a bit different.

Re-using not only the haystring, but also the hardware that was usable, dictated some of the design. Trying to come up with a collar that could be removed, even with out braiding a buckle into it, was a project with conway buckles. However, collars made with the conway buckle didn’t hold as well, so I went back to stitching collars on (making them permanent until the stitching cut).

Braided collar - Clipse Paracord collar - Bit 16 strand braided collar Flat braid collar - recycled hardware

This one was made using short strings from small square bales. It is more bulky and has some splices in it. I thought that it would be weaker, but thus far it has held up amazingly well. I was given this string and don’t have anymore. If I did, I’d make more collars with it – especially for the babies.

Flat braid collar - Ranger


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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