“Y” Ponies?

“Y” indeed?

Others’ comments and thoughts –

“Too small”. “You can’t ride them”. “They just eat their “fool” heads off”. “They are expensive”. “They aren’t the right “status symbol””.  They don’t “do anything”.

My comments and thoughts –

Yes, they are “small” (but remember, ponies come in a variety of sizes and some are as large as horses).

  • Not too small but just the right, custom fit.
  • Small enough for me to hold in my arms at birth and still lift and move them now that I’m older.
  • Small enough for the tiniest child to look at with delight – realizing that they are the “same size”.
  • Small enough to teach our grand children how to handle their first equines in a size they can care for – just as our daughters learned.
  • Small enough for me to haul a “group” to events – often by myself – quite easily.
  • Small enough to share in a “home” for special needs residents.

No, I personally can’t ride them.  But then, I’ve had issues with riding for years now (hips while in the saddle, knees & ankles while mounting & dismounting).

  • So, I lead them as I walk for exercise.
  • I groom them – their smaller size is easier to clean and manage than a full size horse.
  • We drive them – single to a cart, as a pair to a wagon or carriage.  It is a great and fun challenge to learn to handle multiple ponies while they pull you about!
  • They disk our pasture and our garden.
  • They provide manageable amounts of fertilizer.
  • They make me smile as I wonder about the next Pony Adventure.

They “eat their heads off”?  Well, no more so than full size horses and they certainly eat less!

Yes, they can be expensive.

  • Then again, so is ANY sport or hobby these days!
  • Just purchasing your own book – WOW. I can purchase many pony care items for much less than an average book – that I might never read again.
  • Since ponies eat less, take less room to keep/maintain, use less products for their care – overall, they cost less then their full size counterparts.

Status symbol?  Are you sure they aren’t one?  They certainly think they are!

Paula with Flashi - 2011

  • They make me smile.
  • They keep my mind engaged with all their pure and simple games and fun.
  • Keep my mind nimble with their constant curiosity and “get into everything” nature.
  • A hand warmer when it’s cold out – I bury my hands under their mane or furrow fingers into their heavy “fur”.
  • They bring joy to my day – even when it’s raining or grey outside.
  • Easy to handle and work with as I get older and “less fit”.
  • Help to keep me fit, by making me continue to care for them.
  • Give me reasons to get out of bed every morning.

Have you hugged your pony today?

Sierra holding Blitzen

Or as Larry likes to do – have you “poked” your pony today (he chants…  “I touched your butt”)?

Have you been hugged by your pony today?


About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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