We are FAMOUS!!

Wow – Imagine my surprise when I was tooling (& drooling) thru one of my favored Driving Supplies website and I found pictures of my ponies, my harness and parts of our “rig-up” on equipment.

How exciting! But then when I clicked on the photos, unlike with some on this site, they had no “hover ID”, they didn’t open up into larger views, they didn’t go to a link back to our farm (LP Painted Ponys – website), they didn’t have a link back to our photo album (in Google Picasa at the moment, so obviously available to everyone) and indeed, our copyright info on the few that had it, had been cut out. I would have liked some recognition for the use of our photos – since they aren’t stock photos. I certainly don’t mind the “exposure” and indeed LOVE the fact that my photos (some taken w/ my phone, no less) were deemed appropriate for the website (s) in question.

Even hovering over the photos, an ID of our farm name or the ponies names would have been nice. I’ve posted so much over the last 6 years about “Bell & Bit – our Shetland Mare Pair” that you can GOOGLE that search term and it will pop up text and pictures with no problems what so ever!

In all actuality, the site isn’t one but two websites, or a web site with a sub-site (not sure that’s a word). Part of the problem is that our pictures are utilized in such a way as to make you think they are depicting products provided by 1 or both of these companies who make and/or sell or that a general customer would be receiving from one or both of these two companies. OR that we purchased those items directly from either of these two companies.

INSTEAD, much of our equipment was custom made for our ponies by a completely different company and Larry and I went, in person, to that company to pick that equipment up – 2 states away. There is a POSSIBILITY that the company that utilizes my pictures DID actually make some of the equipment that we purchased. I don’t know if the manufacturing of our custom ordered parts for hitching was “farmed out” to a more specialized company – I wasn’t told and hadn’t thought to ask 4 years ago when I custom ordered it. I did provide SOME pics to the original company (Pioneer Manufacturing – out of Dalton, OH – an Amish company with NO WEBSITE) that we ordered custom hitching equipment from, but not all of the ones utilized by the the two in question. Some of our harness is “stock – off the shelf type” and some is custom made for our ponies at our request – all by an Amish company – Fairview Country Sales out of Millersburg, OH – with NO WEBSITE. None came from the two companies I found our pictures on and I was a bit surprised that our photos were used depicting someone else’s equipment. Did that statement make sense??

So, we may lose our short bit of fame. WHY? Because I’m calling both the website companies and I’m sending emails to the two websites using our photos. I will be both applauding the use of our photos and saying “hmm… w/o recognition or link backs – not a good idea since I neither purchased these products from you but from another company (s) and we weren’t asked if our photos could be used as examples”. We shall see what comes of it. I was going to post photos of “screen shots” from the company that is using our photos, but for now, maybe it’s better I don’t. I have taken the screen shots and I have them but I might be told that “Anyone can do Photo Shop”. We shall see. I’m hoping that the two companies will instead recognize my photos and at least put hover IDs of our farm on the pics. I also feel that there should be recognition that these are NOT products that were purchased from either of these two companies. We shall see! I’d really like to leave my pictures on that website but with some recognition.

The 3 pictures used are:

3 pony evener - custom made by Pioneer Manufacturing, Dalton, OH

This 3 pony evener was custom made by (or “through”) Pioneer Manufacturing, Dalton, OH for us here at LP Painted Ponys. Another friend and I went up to OH to pick this piece of equipment up along with some other parts in April 2012. This picture was taken by Paula Hoffman – with her PHONE while at Rex McAuthur’s farm in Broadway, NC.

Bit, Koalah and Bell - 1st hitch as a 3-abreast team with our Pioneer Hafflinger forecart

The forecart, the tongue and the neck yoke were all purchased from Pioneer Manufacturing in Dalton, OH. The harness and collars were purchased from Fairview Country Sales in Millersburg, OH. The collars were actually made by Coblentz Collars, also of Millersburg, OH. This picture was taken by Paula Hoffman – with her PHONE while at Rex McAuthur’s farm in Broadway, NC.

Paula driving Bell and Bit Twin Oaks in Bunn Level, NC.   February 14, 2012 - pic taken by Vicki Y with her phone

This photo was taken by Vicki Y, with her phone, while we were driving our ponies at Twin Oaks, Bunn Level, NC on February 14th, 2012. Twin Oaks has since been sold and while open for a while as a public driving/trails facility is now closed except for private functions – usually only with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. The closing makes me sad. We did a lot of trail riding and when we started driving in 2010, we then drove there… MISS JT!!

About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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