Bay & Silver, Silver & Bay!

SilverAndBay copy

I’m already “tired” of bays. I’m “over bayed” at the moment and will be as long as we use Wizard (all foals guaranteed to be bay pintos or chestnut pinto w/ bay gene – homozygous for both bay and tobiano.

If a mare passes a silver gene, can have a silver bay or chestnut carrying both a silver and bay gene. If a mare passes a cream gene, buckskin or palomino). In all actuality, I DO love my bays – we currently have 1 solid bay arab mare; 2 bay tobiano mares, Cheri & ‘Clipse, that are 1/2 sisters to Wizard, Wizard, Toro & Sami, a bay tobiano 1/2 shetland gelding. Plus the two new babies that are both bay (& beautiful) tobianos. Looking at our pastures right now – you will see a wide variety of colors again. We also have bred & raised many solid bay arab/arab Xs and & both purebred & 1/2 shetland bay tobianos – of varying shades.

Wizard is a “red” bay; Cheri & ‘Clipse are dark bays; Toro is a “black” bay and both Sami & Ellona are … medium bays?

Sami & Ellona @ LP Painted Ponys

Comet, Oly & Sami are bay tobianos. Cupid is a silver tobiano.

LP Painted Toro

I was soooo excited when I got back into raising purebred Shetlands, to be able to put together a group of silver and silver tobiano mares AND for a short time a silver tobiano stallion. I currently have 4 purebred shetland daughters of his to carry on with – 1 needs to be tested as she MIGHT be homozygous silver. I also have a silver bay tobiano daughter that is 1/2 shetland (out of Arab/Hackney mare).

These 3 – Flower & Bunny are 1/2 sisters by Iggy (homozygous black, single silver, homozygous tobi). Flower is 1/2 shetland – know she carries 1 bay gene, 1 tobiano gene, 1 silver gene and 1 “E” for black base. Don’t know if her bay dam gave her an “E” or an “e”. Doesn’t really matter – hadn’t really planned on using her for breeding. Bunny is homozygous black (both dam and sire are). She has not been tested yet for tobiano or silver – she could be single or double on either or both. Her “light” coloring lead me to believe she is homozygous silver… GG is unrelated to the pair, but also a silver black tobiano (single genes for each).

GG, Flower & Bunny

This pair of Iggy daughters, out of two very different mares, are always together. In the first pic the dams of the two are the darker/larger mare at the very back and the lighter mare closest to the fillies – ground driving as a 3 abreast hitch with the full sister the lighter mare in between. The fillies will make a great LITTLE pair (some of the smallest that Iggy has sired for us) and later they should produce some nice foals to carry down the line… Hard to believe they are coming 4 yrs old this year!

Classy and Shamrock

Shamrock and Classy

Shamrock and Classy

I am looking forward to using Echo – a black homozygous tobiano (wish he was homozygous black like his sire). With some of the silver mares, he will sire chestnut tobianos.

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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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