Driving ponies – Farm work?

working at LP Painted Ponys

Yes, we do “farm work” with ours. Can they plow or disk in a heavy, wet clay soil field all day? Probably not. But that wasn’t my intention when I determined to teach ours to drive in work harness.

The farm implements the ponies pull are the ones sized for ATV equipment and small tractors or for small horses. We are even working on some customized equipment.

I have had single ponies pull an arena drag, a drag that carries the manure tubs, a chain link drag, trees/logs, a disk.

Iggy - All That Style N Class

Iggy pulling a “log”

Logging at LP Painted Ponys

Vicki and Bell pulling a small tree

Besides using them for training, a tire can be used to drag and even out pastures.

Bell pulling a tire at LP Painted Tires

Pulling a tire while in training

Cupid pulling a tire

Stuffy pulling manure to the compost pile

With pairs – we have “logged”, moved round bales of hay, pulled a spring tooth harrow with a crumbler attachment, a chain link drag, a small garden disk and a farming disk meant to be pulled by a draft horse or two. We have a stalk cutter that can be set up for a 3 or 4 abreast hitch but have not yet done that (it was pulled for antique equipment display by a pair, but too heavy for field use that way).

pulling logs Bell and Cassie

Cassie & Bell “logging”

Logging at LP Painted Ponys

Cassie & Bell moving more “logs”

Logging at LP Painted Ponys

Bell & Cassie moving a different log

Bell and Bit pulling at Lp Painted Ponys

Bell and Bit pull a chain link drag. The tires are for weight, to break up manure and grass clumps.

Bell and Bit pull 2 garden disks attached back to back at a NCWHMA Plow Day event in 2012.

Bell and Bit move a bale of hay

Moving a bale of hay

Bell and Bit pulling a disk at NCWHMA plow day event

Here are some shots of Vicki’s ponies working on Pampered Pets Pharm. Kreature, the silver buckskin, is Bell’s son and went to Vicki in 2011. Eclipse, the black, is related to Kreature, Kechi and KoKo.

Vicki driving Kreature and Eclipse to a pony sized forecart, pulling a framed chain link drag in the pasture

Eclipse and Kreature pulling the garden disk hooked to a Pioneer Forecart with Vicki driving

Kreature and Eclipse pull at Pampered Pets Pharm

Kreature & Eclipse pull forecart with Vicki, both of Vicki’s granddaughters and a load of rock to repair a pasture washout.

Vicki driving Eclipse and Kreature to a stalk cutter for the Antique Equipment display before the Draft Horse Pull.

Eclipse and Kreature pull the springtooth harrow w/ crumbler attachment at Pampered Pets Pharm

At Pampered Pets Pharm


About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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