Stallions & “Green + Green=Black&Blue”

I’ve not always agreed that a stallion doesn’t make a good first horse.  In some cases, I’ve seen it work and turned out AWESOME in not one breed, but several.

However, those stallions were trained previous to the owner getting them and those “green owners” were working directly with trainers/instructors that knew what they were doing.  AND those stallions were EXEMPLARY and a little RARE in their own attitudes.   I have also seen debilitating injuries and when I was 13, witnessed a full size stallion tear a barn employee apart at a major breeding facility.

I’m not the first one to jump on the bandwagon that “green + green = black & blue”.  I have actually encouraged SOME newbies to get young, green horses and learn with them.  However, that comes after many years of working with people and horses and understanding personalities – of both the horse and the new owner.  There used to be, here in the States, 4H programs that teamed up and ENCOURAGED a young, green 4Her (children 8 – 18 yrs of age) to start with a weanling, yearling or 2 yr old.  I don’t know if these programs still exist in some states – they don’t here in NC.  However, again, it was done with solid 4H leaders with experience and instructors ready and available for questions and guidance and again – the horses and 4Hers were often well paired.  It DOES/CAN work.

But as a mom, a horses breeder and trainer – I’ve also been in the boat where I DID NOT let one of my daughters (who loves to ride) anywhere near a green horse.  WHY?  She didn’t have the personality for TRAINING/SCHOOLING or the ATTENTION SPAN to catch the little things that gave warning of a pending problem or explosion.  UNTIL she met “THE HORSE”.  That yearling filly followed her around the breeder’s pasture for several hours (a filly no one could catch except at feeding time when she was run into the barn).  We visited a couple more times and that filly would come running from the far ends of acres of pasture when ‘Dira entered the gate!  It was pretty darned amazing.  I was torn but finally agreed to buy the filly.  It did turn out to be a match that was close to perfect.  It didn’t always work – and 2x Madira was seriously injured and hospitalized – just from young people/young horse lack of attention.  Even with good coverage of insurance – those two injuries were EXPENSIVE and thankfully didn’t involve head injuries or ambulance/Life Flight time.  BUT that mare was ‘Dira’s until the day she trotted over the Rainbow Bridge a couple years ago and she is still VERY MUCH MISSED by both Madira and myself.  As a young adult, Madira still very rarely handles any green/young horses – just does not work with her own personality and her own comment “..I don’t like constantly having to watch/school/train.  I want to ride to enjoy myself…”  A very telling statement!!


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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