Slippers? From Hay string!


Another use for the hay string – and the latest project?

I started crocheting.  I last crocheted with yarn as a pre-teen in the late 70’s.  When my hubby started crocheting a couple of years ago, I played w/ some yarn for a little bit, but just couldn’t get into it – at all.

Now…  Simplest pattern – a basic rectangle crocheted by a chain and then single crochet stitches to the length of your foot.  Then the end that started the work (the chain) becomes a puckered toe and the other end becomes a basic heel and it’s stitched together – 2 seams!  Now if I can just get my newly learned crochet skills to become more even while working with an unwieldy material such as hay string!

The granddaughters love them already – had a hard time getting them to take them off.  The youngest granddaughter’s ended up being done first – simply because when I got done with the crocheting, it wasn’t long enough to fit the older one’s foot.  The weave is much tighter in these two – though I felt it was much more uneven…  I need to undo the top of the one foot and make it open in more of a “v” like the 2nd one.  That will allow her to put it on herself.



Made the 2nd set a slightly larger stitch (or so I thought)…  and did the original chain a bit longer.  The two “panels” ended up being roughly the same size, but when I made them into the slippers, the one is significantly larger than the other.  The fit is better on the smaller one and the larger one looks like an “elf shoe”…  Gracie didn’t care – she was running around the house in her new little “gramma shoooz” as she called them…



When haystring is crocheted this way, there is much less stretch and give (not nearly as much as with yarn).  However, for the bottom of the foot it is very cushion-y.  I’m now making a pair for myself.  The next goal is to make them with a more advanced pattern – that requires both row and stitch counting to make a tapered toe.  We shall see how that goes.  I also have a different pattern that will come out with a very different appearance – but I will have to adjust the pattern for the girls (much smaller) since the tutorial I have is for adults.

I can also use the hay string as a 2nd braided, or crocheted sole and then can use silicone to make it more solid/waterproof on the bottom – to wear in wet conditions??

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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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