Naming Foals

Recently, I was asked for help in naming a foal.  I was asked how I chose our names and how many I/we/our farm had named.  I had to think about that …

I have named a lot of babies.  I’d have to do a recount of how many babies we’ve had…  Hmmm…  These are just the ponies and a couple of horses that we’ve owned since 1995.    It’s funny how names can grab you…  So many have so much meaning.  Some just come.  I like 2 syllable names, but have gone with one and more than two.

Seems we’ve occasionally had other themes going as well – as you will see – letter “S” and letter “R”, fabric/jewelry, cosmic origins and markings.  As you see, we have many named for the weather – but I didn’t/don’t really like “Stormy”.  When Wyndy was born, it was cloudy (truly the same color as her body a couple of times) so I was looking up names for clouds – Cirrus, cumulonimbus (can’t remember them all – but spent a lot of time on looking online/dictionary).  Then daughter, Sierra, came home and said, “wow, she sure chose a “windy” day to come”…  or something like that and then we did a twist on spelling.

Actually the kids have had a hand in a lot of the names, weather and holidays in others.  Rainy was actually born on Memorial Day, but it was also POURING RAIN in MT when she came along.  Rainy “stuck”.  Blizzard, Frosty & IC (actually IC Snap) were all born in January – in SNOW in NC.  Ranger was born on May 1st – but went thru the fence as he was getting his legs under him…  While frantically looking for our foal, he was “ranging” – he was found about a 1/4 mile away next to the road…  Our oldest was driving by then – took her jeep and went and got him – all 44 #s of him.  His name became May Day Ranger – and he is one our our 3 ASPC/AMHR ponies.  You wouldn’t know it, but Gel is a play on Jelly Bean – foaled on Easter (we spelled her name Gel-E-Bean).  Names are FUN and FUNNY how they all come to be and work out.

I also have to be careful of names.  The reason – while you may name a foal based on it’s arrival and/or personality when you name it, I feel you can also “lock in” that personality.  I’ve come to regret a few – notably “Ari” (Ayre Games – explained in next paragraph) and “Ellon” (explained in previous post)…  :shocked  both out of the same Arab mare (hmm, maybe that’s why I never bred her again???).  I’ve actually worked hard to change a few names that tried to stick!  :rofl

Yea, we’ve had some names “bounce back” on us…  LOL.  Never forget the Arab colt out of Chaunter (Chaunters Ayre bred to VP Charade produced LP Ayre Games).  We called him “Ari” and it was wonderful except that he was everything I HATE about the “new style” of Arabs…  He had miles of legs w/ a lean body on top of those stilts…  INstead of the “Ari” meaning “Aries” as in “God of War” – it meant way too much “Air” under him.  Then as a yearling while playing in a muddy field, he went down – HARD.  He damaged both stifles and the vets that saw/treated him – said TIME…  Must have finally gotten over it – we started him under saddle at 4 yrs of age (I was too big, so Sierra and Skye did his initial rides) and someone told someone and I got a call and sold him.  Their place was beautiful but he was too much horse for them and he ended up being sold again (w/o me knowing) and ended up in Oklahoma – where w/ a little girl riding, his name of “Ayre Games” came back.  He was beating the socks right off the QH in barrel racing until she got too big to ride him…

I’ve always hoped to use the name of Silver Down (a farm name in a horse based fantasy story) and call the foal “Downy” – but it’s never fit any we’ve had.  I have others I can pull from as well.

The sires for the foals below are AJ – WF Action Jackson (Shetland – black homozygous tobiano) and Charade – VP Charade (Arab – bay).

Patty – Montana’s Patton’s Kate –  (Shetland – silver) produced – Stuffy, Shado & Spirit.
Sunny   – Faiths Sunspot – (part arab/bay tobiano pinto) produced – Rainy & Rascal (& sunspirit after we sold her in foal).
Satin – Silk N’ Satin – (Hackney pony – black) came with Devlin (we named him) & then produced – Vixen, Lacey, Jewel, Star, Simi and Velvet.
Sioux – Black Eyed Sioux – (unknown background – black minimal sabino) produced – Jammy, Minx, Apache, Cherokee & Shield.
Magic – Magic Place Resida – (Shetland – bay tobiano) produced – Pixie, Frosty, Twister & Toro.
Chaunter – Chaunter’s Ayre – (Arab – dark bay) produced – Blizzard, Ari & Ellona.
Rhythem – Atlanta Rhythem – (Arab – blood bay) produced – IC & Gel.
Pretty Girl – LS Pretty ME – (aka PG – Arab – blood bay) produced – ShiAnn (deceased shortly after birth – lungs didn’t develop) and Sami (Samiri).
Star – LP Star Games – ( 1/2 Arab pony – bay) produced – Surprise, Flower, Comet & Rocket.

In 2009 we “restarted” with small ponies (Shetlands) – we purchased 3 sucklings/weanlings and named them – Kechara (but I call her Kechi), KoKo & Kreature.

– LP Painted PuffNstuf – (Shetland – silver tobiano) produced – Cupid, Wyndy & Rio.
Bell – Little Jim’s Silver Bell – (Shetland – homozygous silver) produced – GG & Classy.
Koalah – Wa-full Koalah’s Silver Fluff – (Shetland – silver tobiano) produced – Ranger (purchased in foal), Flashi, Shamrock, Bunny & Kava.
Tory – Cherry Hill Olympic Victory – (Shetland – chestnut tobiano) produced – Oly & Echo.
Taff – Showman’s Buckwheat – (Shetland – silver buckskin) produced – Royale (dummy foal that passed 3 days after birth – w/ treatment).
Cheri – Dynamics CherishTheMoment – (Shetland bay – homozygous tobiano) produced – Dandy.
‘Clipse – Buckeye WCF Classical Eclipse – (Shetland – bay tobiano) produced – Riddler
K-La – Lady Kay – (Shetland – red roan – sabino?) produced – Blitzen.

WHEW – that’s 51 babies we’ve named since 1996.

We had 2 other foals that were deceased before or during birth and weren’t named (Sioux – 13.3 hh was bred to an Arab stallion – 14hh- when I purchased her.  The colt was over 100#s @ birth, which isn’t usual, and had his air cut off too long, I broke the sack and tried my darndest to resuscitate him.  She had no bruising and no tears.  Bit, after several slipped foals, lost one late term approx 4-6 weeks before foaling – he had hair and was a silver pinto).

We have 3 foals coming this year – soon?  Two will be sired by:
Wizard – Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard (Shetland – bay homozygous tobiano) and out of:
KoKo – LP Pagasus KoKo H (Shetland – silver)
GG – LP Painted Silver Toy H ( Shetland – silver tobiano)

and 1 will be sired by:
Toro – LP Painted Toro (Shetland – bay tobiano) and out of:
Kechi – LP Jewels Kechara H (Shetland – cremello)


When I was growing up, we had grade horses/ponies that we named.  Others came with names but we did barn names.  Then we had our registered Paint Horses.  I’m not sure if I remember all the names, but will work on it…

Snowfire (Welsh/Shetland – palomino)
Jet (TB/QH/Welsh – black)
Cimmaron’s Dusty Trail – called Cimmaron (bay tobiano)
Misty’s Pride – called Misty (cremello)Misty Bar Sunrise – called Misty (buckskin)
Gipeto – (Shetland – black)
Taff’s Holiday 4Js- called Taffy (chestnut tobiano)
Lady – (bay tobiano)
4Js Mayday Fantasy – called called Shortstop (bay tobiano)
4Js Winterhawk – called Hawk (chestnut tobiano)
4Js Midnite Rhapsody – called Midnite (black tobiano)
Rebel – can’t remember her registered name – (dark bay maybe brown?)
4J’s Figured Splash- called Figure – (chestnut)
4Js Ima Rebeltoo – called Toreb (bay)
Baha SplashApaint – called Splash (black tobiano)
Twistin – not her name? – (black sabino overo)
4Js Ghostbustin Splash – (black tovero)
4Js Windwalking Splash – called Walker (black tovero – very minimal)

I’m missing a few…  and will do another post with names I’d like to choose from.  Some have come from others, some have come from brainstorming with our family.  With Wizard as a stallion’s name, we have a lot of magic ones on our current lists.

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