Pony History: AJ

WF Action Jackson – ASPC# 140897A -Black Tobiano – EEaaTT – a tested homozygous black, homozygous tobiano Shetland stallion who matured at 45 1/4″ tall (11.1-1/4 hh). He was purchased in 1995, after much visiting back and forth with his breeder, the breeder of his dam, a woman who trained and showed him as a weanling & yearling (and handled many of his siblings) and the current owner, sight unseen based on their glowing reports about the bloodlines and the pony himself. I also had videos and pictures from the farm that bred his dam (Wa-Full Farm, NE) and from other farms in Iowa at the time. The first time I “saw” AJ –

Duster Babe & AJ

AJ’s sire, seen in the same “rag mag” – Horse and Tack – from the grocery store in MT, as the ad above. AJ as a foal – with his dam in MN.

Red Rock Master Jack - AJs sire

AJs sire: Red Rock Bullseye's Master Jack

AJs sire: Red Rock Bullseye’s Master Jack

It was a bit of a shock to have him arrive in MT (897 miles on transport from upper MN) – “screaming” and walking on “3 legs” only. Yet, even with mares on the property, a full time job, a husband in military school and 3 small daughters at the time, he was ground driving and working under saddle in less then 2 weeks. In June 1995 – Skye was 5 yrs old, Madira (‘Dira) was 32 months old (not quite 3) & Sierra was 22 months old (would be 2 yrs in 2 months exactly from her first ride).

Skye leads AJ, Sierra rides

Sierra rides & Skye leads AJ

AJ – 2 weeks after arriving in NC. Our vet said we needed to quickly strip some weight off of him at this point or risk heat stroke (from wind chills of -70 when we left MT to 100 up to 105* plus when we arrived in NC was a huge climate change. Our vet was amazed that none of the 6 ponies we hauled, coliced or succumbed to heat exhaustion. Our dog and we humans had a harder time acclimating).

AJ after arriving in NC

AJ was one of Skye’s riding ponies until she outgrew him and moved to first an Arab mare and then a NSH mare. AJ was also used for giving riding lessons (I don’t have any pics of that, unfortunately); pony rides at Bar-B-Ques, B-day parties, local Churches & elementary school “fun days”. He went on trail rides – once he learned his “job” – most folks never knew he was a stallion and he often was bouncing on his toes after arriving back at the barn or at the trailer. He and Skye often covered 2x as much ground as any other ridden horse as she’d ride to the front of the group, turn come back to the back and then just back and forth. For him – it was much like a stallion’s job keeping his herd together – so was never a problem. Skye is riding him here – September 1997. Skye is 7-1/2 yrs old.

Skye rides AJ

Skye rides AJ – 14 July 1997

Skye rides AJ

Skye rides AJ – 14 July 1997

Here is Madira driving AJ in 1998. Yes, we know – not the right way to drive. I was right there and she had instructions to “bail” if she needed to. She’d been on a leadline, then on a lounge line and it had just been removed so that I could move far enough away to take the pictures. Having her sit like this bothered me enough that we really didn’t do it but a couple of times – she preferred riding – so that is what she did, instead.

'Dira drives AJ - 1998

Sierra rode AJ for her riding lessons given to her by Liz Harris while she was at NSE Stables in Parkton, NC. AJ was also used to start quite a number of new children riding – first on a leadline.

Sierra rides AJ

Madira rode him too, though this is the only photo I have of her riding him now. This is June 2001. YES, he was our breeding stallion while the girls were riding him from 1995 – 2002. I leased AJ out for breeding from early 2002 thru late 2003 and by then the girls had outgrown him and he was driven on/off for several years.

'Dira rides AJ

Then he went to a couple of open shows – presented in Hunter pony style (2005 shot below).

Nine years after he was started in harness, we have a new easy entry cart and he is tried with it. The traces are way too long for this cart on the only training harness we have at the time – but it works for now.

A birthday party in May 2008 in Fayetteville, NC.

Here he is with one of Larry’s co-worker’s daughter. Larry and Madira are doing the leadline work.


He even drove as a pair a handful of times in November 2011, he was much bigger than the mare he is pictured with here – but they made it work…

Over the years, AJ sired many foals for us. He sired a total of 33 foals of which 12 are registered Shetlands and 5 out of a Hackney mare (not all registered ASPR). The rest are out of larger pony and horse mares. 23 of these were bred and raised by LP Painted Ponys (& 2 others were born after the mare was sold in foal to AJ). To see his foals, go to:

Pony History: AJs Foals

AJ was laid to rest in June 2012 with his old partner, Magic.

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