Pony History: Magic

Magic Place Resida – ASPC # 140388A  DOB: 4/23/1992 Bay tobiano mare (E?AaT? ) – 43″ tall.

AH, and part of the reason I’m doing my history write ups is so I don’t forget about how we got our start.  I believe I contacted Magic’s owner, via “snail mail” and phone, and she then sent pics of her to me via “snail mail”.  I found out about this woman thru the club membership of Area III, ASPC/AMHR – but not sure anymore if she’d done an ad that I’d seen or if someone else I contacted put me in touch with her.

These are the two pictures she sent me, along with a short write up and a couple of other pics.

Magic - Magic Place Resida - Florida, 1997 Magic - Magic Place Resida - Florida, 1997

Between 35-40 rides here w/ Skye.  We’d picked her up over Valentine’s Day Weekend down in Florida.  Boy could this little girl BUCK.  She got air time above my head!  The first few times Skye actually got on her, I held her and jerked her off if it looked like a wreck.  We all calmed down, then up again…

Skye riding Magic - Border Belt Horseman's Assoc show Skye riding Magic - Borderbelt Horseman's Assoc - 1998

Yes, Magic is in foal to AJ for their first foal together (Pixie, born Jan 99, is a blk tobiano that sold as a yearling into a NH barn that did lots of kid lessons & community activities).

When Sierra rode her and her little legs were high on her sides and “tickled her” – Sierra hit the ground two miles from our pasture and Magic took off.  Circled the tobacco barn where our gear was stored just outside of our leased pasture and with her nose in the air, tail over her back – dashed & “pogo sticked” all the way back to Sierra (walking by then) and let her get back on…  That DID end up being the first AND last time Sierra rode her though,  ;D .  Magic is the only pony to have thrown Sierra (our pony jock w/ the velcro butt).

Sierra riding Magic Dec 1998  Sierra riding Magic Dec 1998

Madira started riding “Magic” in 1999.  She took lessons on her and showed her western.

 Madira showing Magic - NSE Horse SHow - March 2000

Magic had 2 foals for LP Painted Ponys while in Parkton, NC.  Both were sired by WF Action Jackson (AJ).

She produced a black tobiano filly, Pixie (LP Painted Pixiewing), in January 1999.

LP Painted Pixie Wing - Pixie

She produced “Frosty” (LP Painted Action Frost) in January 2000.

Frosty - LP Painted Action Frost

Frosty - LP Painted Action Frost

She was sold in late 2000, again bred to AJ, and had a black tobiano colt in Feb 2001 that the owners called “Twister”.



Two owners’ later, LP Painted Ponys tracked her down and purchased her back.  She was then turned out with “Iggy” (All That Style N’ Class – silver tobiano stallion).  She never became in foal and was again turned out with “her” boy, “AJ” again.  In 2011, Magic delivered her last foal – Toro.

Toro - LP Painted Toro

In 2012, at the age of 20 years, Magic was laid to rest with her main man – AJ.


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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