Friday the 13th?? NEW FOALS

SURPRISE!  Yes, plural…

KoKo had a black and white colt and Kechi had a buckskin and white filly. Nothing unlucky today on Friday the 13th…

KoKo & CharKoal with Sierra

Sierra with Charkoal

KoKo and Charkoal

CharKoal is a sturdy strong boy. This colt is by Echo. KoKo has turned into quite the defensive little mom. She had to be corrected for seriously misbehaving (pinning ears back and jumping at Sierra) and then shown that her son was just fine. Once that straightened out, she is GREAT!

If I could have put the little girl back for another couple of weeks, I would have.  By the afternoon, though, Kechi and Jynx had both figured out the nursing and Jynx started picking up in leaps and bounds.  At first, even though she DID nurse, pass meconium and pee, she just seemed “off”… Much better now!

Sierra, Jynx and Kechi

Sierra, Jynx and KechiKrmel Jynx

These two new kids didn’t get their names until late in the afternoon.  But what fitting names for them – we brainstormed for Jynx’s name & Skye came up with that one (well, it is Friday the 13th, so we DID have to use SOMETHING.  Sierra’s co-worker had suggested Charcoal and we used that with the usual twist – keeping up with the “K” theme from “KoKo”.  LP Painted CharKoal E and LP Painted  T Krmel Jynx.

Their webpages are set up with their pedigrees already.  Sierra took almost 100 pics – I used a couple so far in each of their albums, plus used some of my own.

Koal – “Koal” has been sold and his name shortened from “CharKoal” to “Koal”.  He will go to his new home when he is weaned.


Both of these babies have had a lot of handling already and while Sierra handling “Chylly” in the evening – Gwen “started” GG riding (she is a solid driving pony and I didn’t expect any issues.  If we saddle her tomorrow, bet she could ride her as much as she wants….  Before we test that theory, seems we have to get new helmets for the girls.).

Again – superb Friday the 13th for the Hoffman/Hegyes families at LP Painted Ponys!!


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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