Pony History: Echo’s Foals

LP Painted AJs Echo (WF Action Jackson x Cherry-Hill Olympic Victory) – 2013 Black Tobiano shetland stallion. Color tested – Ee, aa, TT. Heterozygous black, no agouti, homozygous Tobiano. 42″ tall.

Echo - LP Painted AJs Echo

EchoLP Painted AJs Echo –  is the last son by AJ (WF Action Jackson).

We have retained him as a stallion and his first colt shows us he is worthy of the title – STALLION.  Echo is heterozygous black and homozygous tobiano – meaning that he can sire both black and red based foals and all of them will be tobiano pintos.

Echo sired a colt that is cryptorchid.  Both Echo and Koal were castrated in March 2018.

2016 – 1 foal

Koal - LP Painted CharKoal EKoal” – LP Painted CharKoal E
2016 black tobiano stallion
out of: LP KoKo Pagasus H

To view “Echo”s other info, go to his page:  LP Painted AJs Echo

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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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