The next generation – riding? …

The grand-kiddies are starting to show some interest now. 

The younger of the two is the braver (right now) – just as she was in swimming first.  Here are some pics of her sitting on and then doing a little bit of work with “GG” – learning how to balance and also to direct her a bit.


Gwen is starting to

We need to find, clean up and use the helmets they have (if they still fit) and if they don’t, get both girls new ones.  Then we need to address the issue of proper foot wear.  That’s a hard one – the girls almost always start out in sandals.

Gwen is riding, sort of, at LP Painted Ponys

Gwen riding GG at LP Painted Ponys

Seems the days they start out in boots are the days they don’t do anything with the ponies.  Never fear – we’ll eventually get it all smoothed out and working!!

and here is Gracie – actually stroking “GG”s nose – of her own choice.  However, when “GG” shifted, she melted into tears and shaking body.  ~~sigh~~

Grace &


I’ve actually given the situation with the grand daughters a lot of thought.  I finally hit on part of the problem.  We’ve been “throwing” the girls up on the ponies all the time bareback.

With lots of digging thru pics and brain storage, I realized that neither their mom nor their 2 aunts started out that way.  They, while they didn’t wear helmets at all the first 2 years, never or very rarely sat on them bareback – from June 1995 thru April 1997.  That would have been when Skye was 5 – 7 yrs, ‘Dira was 32 months – 4 1/2 yrs and Sierra was 22 months – 3 1/2 + years.  They always sat in a saddle.  It wasn’t until the girls had started developing some balance and confidence, that I started having them sit on the ponies bareback – while tied to the fences and eating from their buckets.

Then they went to riding a LOT bareback – though I don’t have a lot of pictures of them starting out that way in the late 90s.  It would be about 2003 before I started getting a lot more pics (& that is still w/ the 35 mm, film camera).

The pics of her riding didn’t turn out.  But Skye is learning to mount bareback from the ground here and this is “AJ” standing a bit stretched so as to make his back a little lower –

Skye &

Pic of Madira riding “Sioux” bareback the same night that Skye and Sierra are riding “AJ” and “Patty” –

Madira &

And Sierra riding “Patty” the same night  –

Sierra &

A pic of Madira – almost a year later – riding “Magic” –

Madira &

Even growing into doing serious “racing” up and back in our pastures – while riding different ponies and horses.  A pic of ‘Dira slowing Rhythem down after a race with her two sisters –

Dira and Rhythem racing at LP Painted Ponys - Parkton Dira and Rhythem racing at LP Painte Ponys - Parkton

I will have to dig for and probably scan photos (not as clear – which is why they aren’t in the albums) of Skye and Sierra racing at the same time.  Sky – not sure who she would have been riding & Sierra probably riding “Vixen” (a 3 yr old mare sired by “AJ” out of hackney pony mare – “Satin”)…



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