Braiding – head stalls

Bit's headstall - 2009

Here are several different styles of headstalls that I’ve braided.  I started doing these in 2009 and want to do some new styles now in 2016.  The first two were braided from orange haystring, then one in purple paracord w/ filling fiber pulled out.  Did one in red and white haystring that looks like it’s pink and one in “pink” for Vicki’s mare Eclipse.  Then did one in black/green/yellow haystring as well…

This one has a ring and small snap for the throat latch.  Not the best way to go – the small snaps break too easily and is very difficult to replace.  The purple electrical tape covers the edge of the strap on the bottom of the side cheek.  First time and it was a bit rough…

Bit's head stall - 2010

Bell’s headstall is similar to Bit’s.  She has a browband and “permanent” curb strap made from the red/white haystring to identify it (looks pink).  Her throat latch is same as Bit’s and is very difficult to replace the light weight snaps that break.

Bell's headstall - 2010

Bell's head stall - 2010

Koalah’s head stall made from paracord that has had the fiber pulled out of the center (making the strands flat).  Want to try this with the strands normal later in 2016.  This purple headstall made in 2009.  Again, a ring with the snap for the throat latch.

Koalah head stall - 2009

Koalah headstall - 2009

The headstall made for Eclipse out of red/white haystring.  This one looks pink.  It has a buckle for the throat latch.  The curb strap also has small buckles on each end – so it’s easy to remove.  Still using conway buckles for the cheek straps.

Eclipse - 2010

Eclipse - 2010

Close up of the bit end of the cheek strap and the curb strap.

close up of Eclipse cheek & curb strap - 2010Close up of the browband.  The browband is not braided back but is sewn on both ends.

close up of browband - Eclipse - 2010

And one of the tiny headstalls that I made later.  This one fits “Ami” and it is 2013.  No curb strap (but could put a buckle one on it anytime).  Instead of conway buckles on the cheek straps, there are buckles like a driving bridle.  Hers is adjusted all the way out while still keeping the bit strap tucked under the buckle.  Both pics also show the collar she’s wearing – made out of short haystring and tied to a ring.

Ami's head stall - 2013

Ami's head stall - 2013

This is the yellow/black haystring headstall.  It has a buckle throat latch and curb strap, but still has the conway buckle cheek straps.  1st with “Oly” wearing it and then with “Flashi” wearing it.  When Oly is wearing it, he’s rubbed his head and has the right side of the browband moved up behind his ear.  Only have the one shot of it on “Flashi”.

Oly head stall - 2013

Oly head stall - 2013

Flashi head stall - 2013

Stay tuned for headstalls done out of paracord in 2016.  Will be trying out some different style ideas – for both work and show!

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