Braiding – Other equipment

I’ve also braided equipment that I use throughout the day when working with the ponies. Some are simple 4 strand braids, others are a bit more involved.  Some of the pieces that I’ve made are cruppers for the the english saddle, balancing side reins, lead ropes, lounge line/driving lines.  The short, easy 4 strand braids that I use for both collars on the ponies and for ties for them to eat at their buckets, and as equipment ties.  4 and 6 strands braided into ropes and then tied in knots become halters (though I’ve only managed to make 2 so far).

Here is the first crupper that was made.  It has just a loop for the crupper with tubing to protect the underside of the horse’s tail.  No buckles, so you had to slide the crupper on the tail first before placing the saddle or the surcingle in place.  In these pics, the crupper is used on the surcingle.

crupper modeled by Stuffy - 2009Tail crupper modeled by Stuffy - 2009

crupper & backstrap modeled by Stuffy - 2009

Here is a set of Balancing Side Reins.  They are meant to be attached one of a couple of different ways and encourage a horse to stretch down with their head/mouth and engage their hindquarters.   Here, on Stuffy, they are buckled at the top of the surcingle and run through the the bit to the girth between her legs.  They are almost too long for Stuffy while being almost too short for other ponies. These are started as a flat braid, taken to a round braid, a buckle put on and then back to a flat braid.

Stuffy with balancing side reins - 2009

Close up of the braid.  8 strand flat to 8 strand round back to 8 strand flat.  The excess tail is tucked around the rein and left to dangle.

close up of balancing side reins - 2009Stuffy wearing balancing side reins - 2009Bit is modeling a set of balancing side reins without a buckle.  They aren’t really quite long enough to use easily with Bit.

Bit - balancing side reins - 2010

We now have several lead ropes made like this one.  4 ropes (each made from 4 strands of hay string) are braided together.

lead rope braided from haystring

A lounge line made from haystring.  Not sure how many strands anymore – will need to look at it and count…  Want to say it was at least 12 strands.

lounge line made from hay string

Two halters – the first one is foal sized and braided from 6 strands.  The 2nd one is smaller and braided from 4 strands.

haystring braided - knotted halter

6 strand haystring braided - knotted halter

4 strand knotted halter - braided from haystring

Kechi modeling the 4 strand knotted halter - braided from haystring



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