May 2016 – Imprinting & foal handling

We already have an article on Imprint Training(coined via Robert Miller – Imprint Training of the New Born Foal).  But I did want to update with where we are with pics from our 3 2016 foals.  The first filly was born on Friday 6 May and the colt and the 2nd filly were both born on the following Friday – 13 May.

First day – “Chylly” –

Chylly with Gwen and Mr. Blue - 6 May 2016

Here Grace and Gwen both handle “Chylly”‘s ears.

Grace & Gwen handle Chylly's ears

“GG” checks on her hours old filly, “Chylly”, to make sure she’s ok.

Sierra with Chylly and GG - 6 May 2016

Handling of our small Shetland foals is done from  their height – meaning we often sit or kneel on the ground when handling and holding them.

Yoshi & Sierra handle

“Chylly” was not handled for hours at a time.  She was handled for minutes at a time – longest handling session during the day was a total of 40 minutes with us in the pen with the mare and foal.  Part of that time she was loose and on her own, while her dam was caught and cleaned up/checked on and then “Chylly” was caught and held again.  When held – she was held while both laying down and standing up.  Her muzzle, ears, mouth, each hoof and leg, her body & sides and her tail were all individually stroked, rubbed, tapped and moved about.  I believe she had a total of 4 sessions of handling through out that first day.

“Chylly”s 2nd day and I don’t spend long with her myself.  Sierra spent a bit more time with her before I did, no pictures.  Here are two pics of her hooves/legs being handled.

Chylly with Paula - 7 may 16

Chylly with Paula - 7 may 16

Another day and Sierra works with Grace and Gwen with “Chylly”.

Sierra, Gwen & Grace handle Chylly - 12 may 2016

Sierra, Gwen & Grace withChylly - 12 may 2016

Have you hugged your pony today?

Sierra with Chylly - 12 may 2016

The next two foals were both born on Friday the 13th of May.  “Koal” is thought to have been born between 2:30 – 3:00 am, while “Jynx” was still wet over her whole body and still wearing all 4 “slippers” at 5:40 am, so around 5ish am.  Both were handled for about 15 minutes (total together) before Sierra left for work.  Then again later in the day when Skye, Justin and the granddaughters arrived and then one final time a little later in the evening when Sierra also arrived home.

Sierra handling Koal with KoKo - 13 may 2016

KoKo is a maiden mare that is more upset when handling her foal.  She is either held or tied to the fence with Koal close by and between her and the humans.

Skye, Gwen & Grace with Koal - 13 may 2016

Grace with Koal - 13 may 2016

“Koal” also gets “lap time”.

Skye with Koal - 13 may 2016

“Jynx” has been “claimed” by Skye, but Sierra handles her first – here with “Kechi”.

Sierra with Jynx and Kechi - 13 may 2016

Then in the afternoon, Skye and the girls, Grace & Gwen, get their chance to play with her.  Gwen is much more “hands” on than Grace is.  You should have seen her look when she buried her hands in Jynx’s fluffier coat!  And she is fascinated by Jynx’s face.

Skye with Gwen and Jynx - 13 may 2016

Skye, Grace & Gwen with Jynx - 13 may 2016

Skye, Grace & Gwen with Jynx - 13 may 2016

14 May 2016 – All 3 foals get handled –

Sierra with Jynx - 14 may 2016

Sierra with Chylly - 14 may 2016

Sierra with Chylly - 14 may 2016

Sierra w/ Koal - 14 may 2016

Sierra with Koal - 14 may 2016

There haven’t been pictures taken each time that the foals are handled.  I did a post on the halter and it’s introduction to the 3 babies.  On Friday June 3rd, all 3 foals will be getting their first hoof trims.  “Chylly” will be 4 weeks old and “Koal” and “Jynx” will both be 3 weeks old.  Will post pics for the June handling post!


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