Pony History: Iggy

Iggy - All that Style N' Class

Iggy – All That Style N’ Class

All That Style N’ Class – ASPC# 146697A/FC# 2360, Silver Black Tobiano – EE, aa, Zn, TT.  A tested homozygous black, single silver, homozygous tobiano stallion.  DOB: 8 April 1998.  “Iggy” was all of 40″ tall.

I no longer remember when the first time was that I saw pictures of “Iggy”.  I look back, and I had to have seen them online.  I’m pretty sure I checked into purchasing him when he was 3 yrs old and he had just finished with showing, to his Halter HOF,  and we couldn’t afford him.

Some show pics of “Iggy”.  These would have been in 2000 or 2001, when he was 2 or 3 years old.  He was shown predominantly in the mid-west.

All That Style N Class (Iggy) - 1998 silver tobiano stallion
All That Style N Class (Iggy) - 1998 Silver tobiano stallion

Iggy’s sire:  Raven of Bird Haven

Raven of Bird Haven

Iggy’s dam – All That Sparkle N Flash

All That Sparkle N Flash

At 9 yrs of age, he was a mature stallion when he arrived at LP Painted Ponys in April 2007.  We took a 1/2 Arabian daughter of “AJ”s to TX and brought “Iggy” and a lightly used, EZ entry cart home.  This is a pic we took of him the day that we picked him up.

All That Style N Class

Almost a year later before he gets his cameo clip – it took us almost this long to get him to eat and gain back the weight he lost during his ride home from TX and the subsequent weeks and months when he refused to eat our NC hay and the feed that I was feeding at that time.  For a long time I despaired of ever getting him to eat by himself, as I hand fed him to keep him going.  He did nothing but scream, pace the stall or paddock fence, paw and run thru his feed and hay. We actually had an acquaintance pick up more of the hay & feed he’d been  getting in TX and mostly fed that to him but it didn’t really matter.  I’m not sure when he finally started eating, but I remember both jumping for joy and hitting my knees in thanks when he did!

All That Style N Class

His cameo clip – such a pretty headed boy!  He has more white on his head, and some roaning, than anyone realized.

All That Style N Class - Iggy - 1998 silver tobiano stallion

We did breed him to several mares in 2007 – none ended up in foal.  He was a very shy breeder and did not like being handled while breeding mares.  Cleaning him up before breeding was an exercise in patience – for both of us.  He also didn’t like that I wanted him to be a total gentleman and speak to his ladies  – but I persevered – he was not allowed to breed a mare until he’d courted her nicely.  He’d sired some very nice foals before he came to LP Painted Ponys and I understood that he did hand, paddock and pasture breeding – but I had no evidence of it for a long while…

We were told that at one point, “Iggy” was going very well in harness and was ready to be hitched and worked so that he could be shown in Pleasure Driving.  We worked with him for a while, but in 2007 didn’t have harness small enough to fit his petite (& then very underweight body) and with new mares arriving – I used them in our lesson program and driving instead of really doing much with “Iggy”.

All That Style N Class - Iggy - 1998 silver tobiano stallion All That Style N Class - Iggy - 1998 silver tobiano stallion

He never did get started under saddle – we just didn’t have anyone small enough at the time to ride him.  In 2012, he was fitted in a miniature sized collar and hame betathane harness and he “logged” both single and as a pair.  Here he is in harness –

All That Style N Class - Iggy - 1998 Silver tobiano stallion

“Iggy” ground driving with “Stuffy”.  Yes, he is sticking his tongue out in the 1st pic!

Iggy & Stuffy ground driving together

Ground driving Stuffy and IggyHe does work!  Here he is pulling “logs” single to the burn pile.  Some are rather large.  Others are small.  He did great standing next to the pile he helped to build when asked to stop and wait while unhooking the log and hoisting it into the pile.

Iggy - All That Style N Class - pulling a log to the burn pile at LP Painted Ponys

All That Style N Class - 1998 silver tobiano stallion

His first daughter for us, Flower, arrived in 2009.  Flower, is a silver bay tobiano 1/2 Shetland-1/4 Arab-1/4 Hackney pony.  We had already bred “Stuffy” to him and bred Star back to him on her foal heat.  We went back to the mid-west in September 2009 and returned with 3 silver dapple mares that would be bred to Iggy.  “Magic” never did get in foal to “Iggy” – even though she ran in the pasture with him for 3 years.  “Koalah”, “Star” and “Stuffy” each produced 3 foals by “Iggy”.  “Bell” and “Cheri” each produced 1 and “Bit” had a colt that died in utero and was passed before we lost her as well.

Ultimately, “Iggy”, 2 of his sons and 1 daughter were euthanized in 2014.  Several of his sons & daughters developed sticky or locking stifles between 18 & 36 months of age.  The worst 3 would lock on both sides at the same time and couldn’t move.  “Iggy” himself never showed signs of locking stifles, indeed, the vets called in to examine “Iggy”, his sons & daughters scratched their heads as none of these ponies had dams or sire that seemed to be predisposed to producing locking stifles.  To this day, the current worst pony still will lock up and I can’t get vets to agree on which type of “lock” it is and what to do about it (the two procedures are vastly different in what they do and how they affect the end result and in cost)…  The fillies, now mares, of his that we’ve retained?  I don’t know yet if we will be breeding any of them.  A few are for sale and 4 daughters and 1 son (gelded) out of the 11 we bred & raised, have never presented with locking/sticky stifle issues.  His last foal, now a gelding, will be 3 in August 2016.

All That Style N Class - Iggy - 1998 silver tobiano stallion

“Iggy” – All That Style N Class

To see “Iggy”s foals, go to :  Pony History: Iggy’s Foals


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