Water Worx!

Seems I haven’t posted the latest worx with the pony babies!  So it’s time…The first WATER WORX.  I wrote this elsewhere on 18 June.  The beginning…

Our newest rain gauge isn’t working, but we got several inches of rain the other evening all at once.  Our pastures were flooded, the little “pond” was completely full, the babies had a ball splashing around in the mostly underwater roundpen where they are all currently living…  No pictures since it was getting dark (mistake).

But then in the late evening the next day, we got a couple of ponies worked with in our “pond”, now almost empty again.  Here are the pics of 6 week old “Chylly” doing her “water works”.  This is her fist time being this far away from her dam (who is loose in the round pen and occasionally whinnying for her).

couple of pics before water worx –

Her first approach to the water –

Encouraging her to go in wasn’t a problem – unlike other ponies in our past.  She seems to like being a “Water Horse”.  She “trit-trotted” back & forth thru the water a couple of times.

Then, her dam called out and she resisted and then fought the pressure on her head/halter – trying to head towards her mom.  She went up….  & over – Sierra did manage to keep her head above the water when she splashed down.  The splash was tremendous and a large amount of water splashed onto regular sand and disappeared in seconds!

and bounced right back up –

This is just minutes after her flip/splash down in the water.  Not a problem to play a bit more.

and then she came out of the pond a last time.  She still didn’t go right back to the round pen to her dam, though.

We didn’t get the other babies worked with that day…


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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