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Keeping Stallionsand MM responded to my posts and several others with a bit more background – 1 August 2016 –

When I was a kid I was bullied, and I didn’t have a friend in the world.  When I was 14 my parents bought me my very first “friend”  she was a 6 month old Belgium Filly.  she arrived on the 23 of December my Christmas present.  That was 34 years ago and there has not been a day from that one to this that  I didn’t have a horse.  That little filly had never been handled.  Teaching her to lead…….. there were a lot of merry runs across the barn yard, but I never let go…….. We broke her in a team with a percheron gelding that was in his twenties….. I worked those two a lot……. she was my go to friend, I am so glad she couldn’t talk and tell my secrets…..

Unforturnately she had an accident in the pasture.  She was pastured with the cows and got in a tangle with a feeder wagon…… We have to put her down.  She was 8.

My father was never well in my life time.  He had lung problems…. we didn’t always get along, and sometimes I felt like he didn’t like me much.  but there was always that time that he bought me my belguim……….   He died 10 years ago at 64.

I am telling you this story not for sympathy or anything like that.  My purpose is simple…….. I picked this stud because he looks like a little  Belgian..  little team of them would do all the gardening I do……… and when I look at him,  and work with him I will remember the times my dad and I had with the one he bought me……

SO now that you know I am an old softy, and sappy, He may not be the best stud, but he will be mine, just like my dad might not have always known how to show that he was  the best dad,  but he was mine.

My response – also on 1 August 2016 –

Your telling us about your Dad and your first horse – friend, confidant, partner – is SO NOT SAPPY!!  and he or a little team of them could certainly do gardening work!

My original pair is a little larger at 40″, but they have done a lot and will do more.   They have taught me lots, too, with the driving lessons I took and the draft horse events we’ve gone to here in the states.  We have since gotten several pairs going and have done 3 abreast doing some work and ground driving with a 4 abreast.







and one of our stallions working, too.

Learning to work as a pair with a mare at his side.  Stuffy and Iggy took a while to learn to work together.  Stuffy was leased out before these two were ever hitched as a pair.

ground driving Iggy & Stuffy @ Twin Oaks - 2012

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