Flowers, Trees topped or removed, Trails started

Well, it’s been a long time coming. We are finally getting started with opening up & building trails around the LP Painted Ponys Farm. It’s exciting, it’s hot & sweaty work, it’s uplifting, it’s hard work, it’s not in-expensive! All of these rolled into one…

After calling several tree companies in our area and having the Harnett County Ag guy(s) come out we found a tree cutting and property maintenance crew with an arborist on their team as well. Today was the first day out for Around the Clock Tree Care Professionals out of Lexington, NC and a good day it was. Only three folks came out today, we met, went over the projects we are looking at and how to mesh them together.

The trees leaning towards the shop were prioritized as needing to come out &/or be trimmed first. Several trees were removed before I got my camera to start taking pics… There are limbs already on the ground from this tree.


and the tree comes down…

Flowers blooming in front of the house –

Now the ponies will have a chance to do some work again.

Due to finances, it will take a while to have trails weaving throughout the whole wooded parts of the 11 acres (approximately), but we are now started!!  The tree company will be coming out at least 2 more times this winter (may be a couple more, not sure yet).  Besides doing the tree removal for trails, we will be removing some more trees in front of the house and also removing some of the “bushes” that are taking over literally right in front of the house.  Eventually, the whole front yard will be done as an edible garden (fruit trees, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries – still playing with other berry ideas) and then butterfly & bee attractant bushes and mosquito repelling bushes….

The plan was to start moving the downed trees this weekend (the trees were dropped Friday morning), but Saturday I woke up feeling blah and by noon I was running a fever.  Later in the evening that fever went from bad to worse as it climbed to 102.+* (F) and pain bloomed throughout my sinus(s).   I accomplished nothing at all yesterday and so far today, I’ve been in/out of bed or stretched out on the couch (until now).  After a mega hot shower, the fever has broken but …  bleh…  I am now able to type.  DR’s office tomorrow(maybe) to see what’s going on…


The pictures above come from our Cameron Home album.  To see just the trails we are developing, go to this album – Trails @ LP Painted Ponys album.


About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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