Trails – trees removed or limbed

Well, it’s been almost a month and I’m still dealing with some of the bronchitis.  Feel better for a while, then start coughing for a while.  Still get VERY tired pretty quick (last week, 10 hour days at work were “killer” – just short of 40 hours in 4 days. + chores + drive time both ways.  It was a long week, LOL.  I SOOO enjoyed Friday (farrier changed to later this week), I delivered Koal to Vicki and took a bit of a break at her place.  Sunday, while it poured rain, I spent a lot of it napping.

Spent 5 hours out on Saturday – marking trees and measuring paths.  Did mostly 10′ between larger sized trees, some are wider between.  With rain pouring at 4 am this morning, I mistakenly thought the tree company wouldn’t be able to work today.  They proved me wrong.  They arrived a bit later than planned and then had to leave a bit earlier but we got a lot of paths worked on w/ trees removed and/or limbed to allow passage of wagons/riders at heights of 12′.

I’ve attached a few photos.

Trails @ LP Painted Ponys

Trails @ LP Painted Ponys

Trails @ LP Painted Ponys

The rest of the photos can be accessed here – Trails @ LP Painted Ponys

Here is one last one though.

Trails @ LP Painted Ponys

The red outline delineates what was turned into paths today and in the near future (haven’t quite got all the trails marked).   The 2 sections outlined in blue still have to have trails marked out – may take up to several years.  They aren’t quite accurate around the house at the bottom of the pics – I don’t know exactly where his 3 acres lie at the moment (originally part of our property).  We’ll need to find out as we lay out those trails – so we don’t encroach on his acreage.  The purple lines show where the ponies are w/i the pony pasture.  “G” stands for girls and I swap them back and forth – Sr/Jr mares.  The “B” is boys pasture – the Arab mare, Ellona, is also out there.  “RP” stands for the 60′ round pen, and “2” stands for the blue panel pen behind the barn that currently has 2 stallions and a mare in it.  The next pony pasture is to be between the bottom row of trees (by the blue line) and the barn/round pen and #2 pen.  The dimensions aren’t accurate (and my lines are not straight), but it gives you an idea.  With 21 acres total, we have between 10 & 12 in the wooded areas.  With the number of trails we’ve already started with, I see being able to weave trails that will last between 2-3 hours of riding/driving time.

WHEE FUN!!  I can’t wait until they are all done and we are able to drive them!

The rest of the photos can be accessed here – Trails @ LP Painted Ponys

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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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