Outdoors wait; Indoors get some help – DINING ROOM

Continuing work on the floors – the goal – to replace all carpet (eventually) in the house.  Just easier to deal with solid floors – whether hardwood, ceramic or vinyl (most likely what we’ll have in every room though I’d dreamed of having real hardwood and ceramic  🙂  ).

The Dining Room was started on the 27th of January and not quite completed (need to get more trim/molding) on the 3rd of February.  The flag is from the 57th Overlanders Brigade, flown upside down due to loss at Battle of Serenity  (NO, we are not Sci-Fi fans, whatever gives you that idea???) – from TV show Firefly and movie, Serenity.  The goal in the next two years is to change the double windows to a French door opening onto a deck that goes to the above ground pool…  that’s in the future –   🙂

DR floor before carpet removed @ LP Painted Ponys

LP Painted Ponys Dining Room subfloor almost finished

DR floor short of trim/molding @ lp painted ponys

We have one more floor we are going to work on right now.  That is the living room.  See the the Living Room post for that news!


About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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