Baby & Stomach Flu – YAY!

Well, knew Taff was getting close as the positioning changed slightly and the edema was quite heavy.  I don’t have any good pics of that.  Then on Monday (sunday nite/early morn) Larry came home EARLY and curled around me (!!).  I woke enough to wonder what/why and he stated that he hadn’t been feeling good & I was back asleep. UP at 4:45 when alarm went off and out to do chores after a cup of coffee.  About 5:30, here comes youngest daughter down the drive – she’d brought oldest daughter to her home as she was violently ill at work.  Into the house to talk to her a bit, get ready for work and I hear one of the granddaughters “cough/gag”…  What a fun day of cleaning up and washing laundry – boss not happy I wasn’t sick but asked for day off.  Monday eve – I felt off.  Tuesday morning was the real start of mine.  So, off again.  Did do chores both in the AM & PM.  Taff hadn’t changed any from over the weekend.  Lots of butt rubbing.

Thru the nite I was still sick, then passed out.  Larry took my phone (alarm) and texted that I wasn’t coming in…  & I slept until almost 10…  Stumbling around, I hadn’t even checked out the front door (can see Taff’s pen) yet when Sierra arrived home after meeting.  “YEP, we need to go out, grab camera/phone – pretty sure we have extra legs”.  I groaned trying to keep up with her as my tummy sloshed…

BUT Taff had a SUPER NICE colt!  Looks to be a silver bay tobiano.  We’ve named him “Nymbus”…  Took a bit, but we cornered her sorta, caught the colt and then actually caught her as well for a little bit.  She was fine after we caught the colt and he couldn’t run off w/o her – she left and immediately came back to see what we were doing with him.  She was  alittle upset, not bad.  I think this may finally be our opportunity to get some work done with her!  We shall see.

Nymbus has his own page here – NYMBUS

O, and he has two little round testes right where they are supposed to be!!  We CHECKED, LOL.

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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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