Outdoors wait; Indoors get some help – LIVING ROOM

The last room to be done at this time is the Living Room (LR).  When we are in the house, this is where a large majority of our time is spent – with crafting projects, reading to the grand daughters, watching TV or movies, playing games and working on our computers (Laptops).

In order to do the floor –  the table with all the TV & all electronics needed to be disconnected & moved, the cable for Dish Network needed to be undone and picked up/protected from our pets, the bookcase with books, stuff and the printer needed to be moved and disconnected.  The two couches (our purple futons) needed to be moved as did boxes not yet unpacked from a corner.  The dog’s toy boxes were moved into the DR (I think Monkey delights in pulling the Antelope antlers out and dropping them on the floors to make noise).  The TV, PS3 and such were set up with the 1 futon in the spare bedroom – the cable wouldn’t reach actual TV, but could watch Netflix & Amazon as well as any of our many movies.  Paula’s crafty stuff, a bookcase and other “stuff” was shifted into the office for temporary storage (yeah, right!)…

lp painted ponys' new tv room while LR floor being done

Paula only did part of the work this time in moving and setting up the rooms.  No pictures of the LR floor – before carpet removed or while the sub-flooring being replaced.  Paula, Justin, Skye & grand daughters went to Sanford for a movie (Lego Batman) and the girls’ continued on and did a Girls’ Spa Day while the floor was worked on.  No pictures of the one futon in the den – Larry and Paula spent some time on the futon (the dogs’ favored resting spots while in LR, but not while it was in the den).

But here are pictures of the finished “product” – our LR floor.

LR floor at LP Painted Ponys

LP Painted Ponys - the corner of LR wall & hallway

the LR floor leading into the DR @ LP Painted Ponys

We have more trim/molding to put up in both the dining and the living rooms, but that’s it!  It’s exciting to have these floors done.  Now, we have projects we are working on outside and eventually will return to indoor projects (more floors!?!).  The BR that the granddaughters have when they stay overnight has a lot of damage to the walls – eventually we will do something not only with the floor but also with the walls and it will be a very NICE room.

The house at LP Painted Ponys in Cameron, NC is slowly becoming our home!

About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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