Start ST Patrick’s Day with a Guinness Stout

Taff has steadily gained some good weight but gotten progressively wilder.  Nymbus has filled out and is moving beautifully BUT his dam has done a great job at protecting him and keeping him scared of us.  He’s fast and good at hiding.  More on that later…

I did get pics taken of Koalah and Tory, but I neither had time to post them nor did I really want to.  With the bad weather we had, I got a pretty rude shock at how much weight they had both lost, too.  Since their bellys were filling out nicely AND their ribs were pretty well covered, mostly in the dark or fluffed up in the constant wind we’ve had, I did not notice that their toplines had dropped out.  They have had their feed increased and both are looking much better already, though they do have more weight to put on.

And Koalah went from her “hanging, flappy” udder on March 4th to this on the 13th –

plenty of edema and maybe foal shifting forward?

It’s possible that the “extra” drop along her croup is her true “jelly butt”, not just weight loss.  The reason I mention that is because Thursday I was looking at her and coming back and looking again.  I checked her several times thru the night, when also checking on our grandchildren (youngest was congested again!)…  Then right after the oldest picked up to go to school, the youngest was watching TV while I took a quick shower and we were going out to breakfast.  When leaving, I always look over everyone – if I’m the one who is driving, I’ll stop and look at each individual area.  When I’m not, I have the driver slow/pause and check…  Well, Koalah looked strange (I had last checked her around 5)… and I had Larry turn left out of our driveway which skirts our pastures towards the neighbors and sure enough – there were extra legs (WHITE) on the opposite side of her (just like in June 2015)…

Meet Guinness – a true born St Patrick’s Day baby!  After we turned around, got back into our driveway and went into the outer pasture and drove back to the mare pasture, Larry is greeting him here as the sun breaks above the tree tops and thru the clouds.

Larry steadies him and Gwen greets him.  His ears are still wet and so is his topside (but it was brisk enough to have been dew/frost).  He had already figured out where the groceries were, his umbilicus and hooves looked good and he’d passed his first meconium, though I have yet to see him actually pee (even today).  O, and Larry was a little surprised when I commented to several people that he had 2 “ballsies”…  (he did a serious head slap, just don’t think he understands how important it is to me right now and probably will be for the rest of my life!)

We ended up having a delivery of fence posts and a neighboring family come by to visit us and the ponies.

Then our daughter arrived home from her Montana trip and after a quick refresh herself in the house she came out to visit him before dark.

The first text I sent to several folks was “We have 2 “ballsies””!!

His page – GUINNESS



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