aaannnndddd now we know Y!

At 5 AM this morning, I went out to feed.

NO BABY and Tory was pushing right up against the other ponies while getting her share of the feed!

At 630, I leave for work.  I hit a wall of rain!  I wonder ….

By 700, I’m clocked in – dealing with the folks bringing in their dogs and cats to be spayed.  Then I’m in front of the counter – helping to actually bring pets into the back. Weighing, checking gums/teeth & capillary refill times; then putting them in the next kennel.

By 0830, I’m in my little hole in the wall (supposed to be an office).  Becca had already checked Voice Mails and had them in time order on the list, so I opened my Vet program, opened the Card Pointe Program that allows us to run Credit/Debit cards for payment and started the first calls…

At 903 am, got the text from Larry that the dogs (4 of them) had dug out of the back yard and were gone on a run.  A few minutes later, got the text that all were back except Lady (fostered pitt mix, spayed, girl) – whom he felt was probably enjoying the neighbor’s hog lagoon again (OMG!).

At 906 am, Larry sent the text that there was “no Tory baby”.

Then at 1005 am, he sent one asking if I’d gotten Baby Chick feed for the new ducks.  It was easier to return that text w/ a call while in-between calls of my own at work… call was 1 minute, 16 seconds.

At 1037 – he sent text saying “I was sitting, now out to check brand new baby…”

At 1043 – I got this one from Sierra (who was coming home from a meeting after her night shift).  I cropped it and added the name info tonight…

aAANNNNDDDDD now we know why Tory was SO BIG!!  This little girl is HUGE!  This is Tory’s first filly since 2007 (her first foal).  she’s had 5 colts in a row.  Still playing with names – but along the theme of April Fool’s day (even if a little early) – thinking “Trickster” and calling her “Trixie”.  May not stick – not sure yet (hope it does, not that I’ve done up 11 photos with that name… LOL).  All I could actually think of was “…she foaled in the DAYLIGHT, mid-morning…”

About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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