On pins & needles…

follow the texting theme –

@ 1046 – larry sent – “Girl baby.Lots of white.”

@ 1047 – “First poop complete”

@ 1047 – “Yes”.  Sierra’s response to my “Filly”?

@ 1054 – Larry sent – “Touched her all over.  Tory still VERY round.  Makes wonder if theres not another one except she passed the placenta.”

I commented that “KOalah stayed round, too” – then “We’ll check her later” & “More pic”?

@ 1128 – I hadn’t heard anything else from either, so I sent – “Everything OK?”

@ 1129 – Larry sent ” Yep.  Everybody is good to go.  Groceries located and everything.”

I sent “OK, Pics?”

To which he replied @ 1130 – “Sierra took a bunch.  I thought she sent them to you.”

@ 1152 I sent – “Only 1.”

Then I didn’t hear anything else.  At all…

About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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