2017 Foals & some thoughts

We have had several foals by Toro.

We had Toro get out of the pen he was in in March of 2016 – 2 days before his castration appointment.  We tried for quite some time to catch him – he wouldn’t even come in with the mares when they came into the pens to be fed and no amount of folks could “trap” him (the one time, we had 10 adults working on funneling the group into a smaller set of pens – like a mustang he always managed to “weasel out” of being “trapped”)…  So he ran with the Sr mares from March thru July.  I separated the two oldest mares (Bell & Bit) but a group of other mares were out with him.  Until I could reliably get my hands on him (I eventually convinced him to come into the feed pen and eventually got a collar/short rope on him) and we repaired fencing that he’d messed up, he ran with the mares until July of 2016.  In September, he finally made it to his castration appointment only to find out that he is a cryptorchid and the 2nd testicle can’t be located.  For now, he lives in our round pen and Kechi is back with him (keeps him happy and not tearing up fences).

So, now in 2017, we have 3 foals so far.  2 colts – both colts checked at birth and both had two testicles down – and a filly.  We think we are expecting at least one more, possibly 2.

Here are the pages for these –

Nymbus – silver bay tobiano born 1 march 2017 (Toro x Taff )

17mar24nym181955.jpgGuinness – bay tobiano colt born 17 March 2017 (Toro x Koalah)

17mar24gui115154.jpgTrixie – bay tobiano filly born 27 March 2017 (Toro x Tory)


With the news that Toro is cryptorchid, his daughter(s) are not currently for sale at all.  His two sons, since they have their testicles at this time, will be castrated and may both be for sale in the future (AFTER castration – not leaving our property beforehand like he did and came back).

Just the ultra sound (which didn’t find the testicle – was not in the flank or groin) was pricey on Toro.  There is a test for testosterone – we haven’t put that $$ together yet – have too many other things needing to be taken care of first.  Ultimately still considering euthanasia as the costs of surgery, here in NC, are exorbitant and there are no guarantees that he’d live through the surgery or the recovery time BUT we’d still owe for the vet/surgery costs.

Overall, we are VERY HAPPY and EXCITED with these new additions.  They are NICE grand-foals of our very first Shetland stallion.  The vets here in NC don’t seem to agree and I have been out and spoken with others as well regarding the cryptorchid syndrome (whether it passes thru male or female lines and other issues, too).

This issue actually affects and reverberates (IMHO) through a full 22 years of pony breeding.  It’s been a disappointing and crushing blow for me personally.  Yes, after talking to many professional vets and breeders in the past 6 months, I understand that small equine CAN take longer to drop their testicles (at the same time as Toro was found to be a single crypt, another colt – different bloodlines – was found to be a double crypt) BUT these issues have also seemed to be added to when those lines have continued to be used due to popularity and showing…  This is my opinion and I already know/understand that many may not agree with me.


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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