Last 2 – 2017 Foals & more thoughts

Good news & bad news –

Well – the bad news is we lost Trixie right before she turned a full month old.  We aren’t sure if she was hit by a strange bout of lightning OR if she OD’d/coliced when her mom was treated (a bit heavily) for lice…  The lightning storms that hit the night before were pretty bad – but no other ponies in that pasture was “hit”.  However, all the ponies would go up to a bale of hay, grab fast and leap away for the 48 hours after the heavy storm, soo….???  At the same time, I had heavily dosed (maybe overdosed?) Jynx with spot on treatment (different pasture).  Both fillies died the same nite/morning – during/after the storm.  With work schedules, the heat/humidity and serious increase in pricing, the two fillies were not taken up to Raleigh this time to be necropsied…  So I could be totally wrong about the cause(s), but it’s just a bit too close to when I dosed them with a concentrated Permethrin (uh, think I put about 1/2 oz per pony – should have been about 1/2 that)…  I actually worried about Chylly NOT Jynx as Chylly was in much worse shape than Jynx (IMHO) with the lice/reaction to them…

The good news is we had a 2nd bay tobiano filly(Nalani) born a few days later.  And today, a black tobiano filly (not named yet) that is a 3/4 sister to Nalani.  We are done with foaling this year. Both of these two are HUGE and leggy (look like mini TBs, not stocky Shetlands) – I fully expect them both to mature in the 44-46″ range.  They look much the same – other than markings!

17may4nal144118.jpg 17may4nal143609.jpg

17may28cfilly065422.jpg 17may28cfilly065328.jpg


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Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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