DLM – 2

Here is a continuation of my thoughts with pictures of our hoop coop floors.  I posted this originally in Backyard Chickens.

Here are pics of some of our DLM. 2nd pic – black pile is well rotted hay from the year before moved from a different area into this run. I did pull it apart & sort of spread it around – to prevent it from sticking together/matting up/staying clumped up. Worked well, wasn’t long, it just disappeared into the DLM mix.

15nov8chix123719.jpg 15nov8chix123727.jpg 15nov8chix123744.jpg

15nov8chix124956.jpg 15nov8chix125239.jpg 15nov8chix133127.jpg

Here’s some pics you can see pretty much “depleted” litter in a different coop. Need to add more. 3rd pic shows more material added the next day (the date is typed wrong on the pic). You can also see a partial bag of large flake pine shavings. That was for chicks being brooded, they are now in loose in the coop run, so it’s being added a little at a time to this as well. They like to sit on the bag while looking around.

15nov16chix100558.jpg 15nov16chix100003.jpg 15nov21chix151707.jpg

About lppaintedponys

Husband and wife team raising shetland ponies, rescuing dogs/cats & becoming self sufficient.
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