Driving Vehicle links

I have been meaning to do a links page for a long time.  Here it is.  Will be updated as I find more information.

A silver Penny Farm – has wagons but not the marathon type carriage.

Carolina Carriage Superstore – Greer, SC carries different wagons (farm & amish style), carts & carriages

Country Carriages USA – here in NC also is a dealer for vehicles made here in the USA, but not in the Carolinas (I think out of PA?)

Driving Essentials – is a dealer for the Glinkowski “mini Mix”…

I understand that Frey Carriages makes a mini sized Marathon vehicle, too.

Hardwick Hideout – the Tad Pole & Puddle Jumper made by Russ hardwick, in Florida.

Dominiak also has a mini sized marathon styled carriage.  There is a woman in NY who imports these vehicles.  I don’t see the Mini sized carriage currently on her site – the others are quite a bit more $ than the mini is/was, but it’s been a few years since I’ve looked.  HIgh Hopes Farm

Hunter’s Creek Farm – here in Southern Pines, NC has some nice ones at very reasonable cost

There is another builder of carriages, some of interesting design, in Canada.  I can’t remember the place and surprisingly I don’t currently have the name/link on our website…  Patty’s Pony Place

Almost forgot about the Kutzman carriages.  They are also distributed by folks here now – PnP Distributors

Roberts Carriage out of Canada also builds different types of carriages

Here is a mini sized one – more farm wagons & carts than carriages – Sonrise Pony Farm

I have a pic of a pair of mine with their spotted, trace chain, farm harness on pulling one of these (I think? – it may be the Dominiak, but I don’t think so).  I did a weekend packed full of learning with Kathy Bachelor of Mini Milers in SC.  She may have moved into NC, you’d have to check.  She sometimes has different vehicles for sale as well…  There site hasn’t been updated in a while and I haven’t seen anything on FB lately from her feed (but I’m having problems with that, soo…)

Koalah & Bit hitched to Kutzman marathon carriage

16 Dec 2012 – Koalah and Bit take a break from our lesson while hooked to the Montmorenci Mini Milers Kutzman marathon carriage, wagonette style.





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