Possible Foal Names

Naming ponies is always fun.  We have had many over the years.  I thought I’d start out with the names we’ve used, then list Fantasy/Magic names, names from Mercedes Lackey & Anne McCaffrey books, names I like, weather & holiday themed names and finally name websites.

1st – Barn names we have used over the years (1995-2018 – horses & ponies) –

AJ, Ami, Apache, Ari, Autumn
B-B, Bell, Blitzen, Blizzard, Bit, Bunny
Calypso, Cassie, Chaunter, Cheri, Cherokee, Chylly, Classy, ‘Clipse, Comet, Cricket, Cupid
Dandy, Devlin
Echo, Eclipse, Ellona
Flashi, Flower, Frosty
Gel, GG, Guinness
Jammy, Jewel, Jynx
K-La, Kappy, Kava, Kechi, Koal, KoKo, Koalah, Kreature
Nalani, Nymbus
Patty, Pixie, Pretty Girl (PG)
Rainy, Ranger, Rascal, Riddler, Rio, Rhythem, Rocket, Royalle
Sami, Satin, Shado, Shamrock, Shi-Ann, Shield, Simi, Sioux, Spirit, Star, Streak, Stuffy, Sunny, Surprise
Taff, Toro, Tory, Trixter
Velvet, Vixen
Wizard, Wynd

Names to think about:

Fantasy/Magic based names –

alchemistic, Amaurëa (elvish for Dawn), arcane, Arwen, Aske (beloved)
clairvoyant, conjure
dragon, dragoon, darling, data,
eerie, elf, Egraine, Elvira, enchanted, ensorcelled
Epona – Goddess – Patron diety of horses, Espera – to hope
F’kura, Fairy, Fauna, fey, Firesong, Flora, Frick
haunt, Hos (Klingon – power)
incantation, IVeth/k’ede (blue dragon w/ rider)
Lavinia, Lomee (elvish – twilight/dusk), Lómion  (elvish – child of twilight)
Merlin – Merlinnis Latin – Arthurian lineage – Sea Fort
Morgana, Moria, Morrin, myth (ical), mystic
necromancer – ing, Nightmagic, Nightshade, Nimue (Merlin’s wife), Nona, Nox (latin for night), Nymph
Orenda (Native American Iroquis – Magic Power),
Rowan, rune – runic
spector-spectral, secret, Soothsayer, spellbinding, Spellcaster, spooky, Stormwind
Tabitha, Taika (Finnish – magic), talisman, tarot, telepathy, trance, truename
Wakanda (native American – Sioux – possesses magical power), wish, witchy
Zaphara, Zelda

From Mercedes Lackey books –
Elspeth/ Gisa/Leshia/winterhart
Kava (Made up & used in 2015)
Sylph – butterfly/moth

Names for Black:

Baranna, Brenna, boreen, Charna, Ciar`an, Currinda, Dee, Domino, donia, Ebony, Ebonee, Ink (i, y), Jetta, Jette, Lela, Merle, Mooree, Nerissa, Rajani, Raven, Sable, Soot (Sooty), Taiko, Tara, Tar, Torch (i, ie, y, ey),

Names I like:

Arabella, Argo
Brandy, Butter, Butterball, ButterNbutter  (think Better and Better??), Butterfly
Cabernet, Cadence, Cappuccino (used 2018), Captain, Cappy (Used 2018), Caprock, Charger
Dare to Dream, Doodlebug, dream a little dream, Duana,
Fox, Flutterby
Jay, JJ, June bug, Juniper
Kahlua, Kasper
Latte`, Luna
Once upon a dream, Once upon a time (just cos I LOVE the show hehehe)
Scotch, Snifter

Silver names:

Limited Edition
Sacred Silver
Silver – addiction, Cassanova, Charming, Delight, Down, ghost, Knight, Legacy, Moon
Silver  – Platinum, Quest, Royale, Secret, Smith, Spirit, Sprite

Holiday & Weather names:

britelite, blustery, bow, bough, Bumble,
candle, candy cane, caroling, celebrate
chill (y) (Used in 2016 – different spelling – “Chylly” as part of “chyllydown”)
Christmas, cirro, cirrus, Clarice, cloudy, Cranberry
dew, drafty, drift, dust devil
flannel, fleecy, Front, Fujita Scale
garland, gingerbread, Glacier, glaze, glisten, gusty
holiday, holly berry, hot cider, hope, hug
Jingle, jingling
nippy, Noelle
partridge, pine cone, poinsetta, popcorn, presents
reindeer; ribbon
snow – ball, bound, fall, flake, man; sugarplum
winter – time, wintry; wonder, wrap – paper, wreath

WyndNstuf  – Used in 2011 – for Stuffy’s filly

Specific names for specific ponies (provided by Forum Friends)

Exoticas Crowning Glory (Ami)

  • Crowning Classic, Classical Glory, Exotic Wizard, Classic Touch
  • Classic Exotica/Glory

Dynamics Cherishthemoment (Cheri)

  • Celene, Celine, Celestria, Calypso (used in 2017)

Painted Silver Toy  H (GG)

  • Toy Wizard, Sterling Wizard, Wizard’s Sterling Toy or  Silver Lining

LP Pagasus Koko H (KoKo)

  • Classic Pagasus, KoKo, Lady, Showman, Captain

Websites for Names –

20,000 names
Cowboy Way – Horse names for Boys
Cowboy Way -Horse Names for Girls
Elegant Horse Names
Female Horse Names
Horse Names from A-Z
Male Horse Names
Unique Horse Names








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