ami2SNS Exoticas Crowning Glory – (Country Star Buddy Jewel x Sonaras Little Exotica).  ASPC #160703; FC #4800; AMHR #306253B.  2010 Silver Dapple shetland mare. Color tested – Ee, aa, Zn.  37-1/2″ tall (at withers).

DNA on file – ASPC & University of Kentucky

Ami came from Bonny in South Carolina and arrived at LP Painted Ponys in April 2012.

SNS Exotica's Crowning Glory SNS Exoticas Crowing Glory

Ami’s Pedigree

Ami is a very quiet and laid back mare.  She is now the smallest of our mature Shetlands and the only double registered Miniature Horse who hasn’t over grown her AMHR registration papers here at LP Painted Ponys.

She has been started in harness – single and pair.  She pulls a cart single and has only “logged” as a pair with Cupid so far.

Ami’s Photo Album

Ami – 2010 ASPC/AMHR mare

AMI’s Produce


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Ami, Blitzen, Bunny, Chylly
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