Bunny2LP Painted Silver Bunny – (All That Style N Class x Wa-full Koalahs Silver Fluff) – ASPC #165042.  2013 Silver Dapple Tobiano shetland mare. Not color tested – EE, aa, Z?, T?.  42″ tall.

DNA – pending

Bunny was born at LP Painted Ponys while in Lillington.  3rd in a line of 3 full sisters.

LP Painted Silver Bunny LP Painted Silver Bunny

Bunny’s Pedigree

Bunny is the largest of the 3 full sisters and we can’t wait to have her driving.  She should make an excellent cross with either of our two young stallions.  She does not carry a cream gene.

Bunny’s Photo Album

Bunny - LP Painted Silver Bunny

2013 Shetland Mare

Bunny’s Produce

Hopper - LP Painted T Hoppin' SilverHopper” – LP Painted T Hoppin’ Silver
21 June 2018 silver Tobiano Stallion
By: Toro – LP Painted Toro
Breed Date: In pasture late July 2017


Bell, Cheri, ‘Clipse, Eclipse, Ellona, Flower, GG
Kechi, Koalah, KoKo, Stuffy, Taff, Tory

Ami, B-B, Blitzen, Bunny, Chylly
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