cheri2Dynamics Classical Cherishthemoment – (Graham’s Little King Lee x Buckeye WCF Classical Eclipse) – 2008 Bay Tobiano shetland mare. Color tested – EE, Aa, TT. She is homozygous for black & tobiano. 43″ tall.

DNA on file – ASPC & University of Kentucky

Cheri came from Buckeye WCF (Les & Getitia Matheny) in January 2012.

Dynamics Cherishthemoment Dynamics CherishtheMoment

Cheri’s Pedigree

Cheri was purchased in January 2012 and she has been a fun pony to have.  We haven’t really started her in harness yet, but she has worn parts and done some ground driving.  We hope to get her going in 2017.  She is expected to pair well with both her dam, ‘Clipse, and with our 1/2 shetland mare, Flower.

She is also expected to make a super nice riding pony for our grand children to learn from.

Cheri’s Photo Album

2008 Shetland Mare

Cheri’s Produce

Calypso - LP Painted Calypso TCalypso” – LP Painted Calypso T
28 May 2017 Black Tobiano Mare
By: Toro – LP Painted Toro
Breed Date: 23 March until 23 July 2016

LP Painted FineNdandyDandy – LP Painted FineNdandy
31 August 2013 Silver Bay Tobiano Gelding
By: Iggy –  All That Style N Class
Silver Homozygous Tobiano Shetland


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