LP Painted Chyllydown WLP Painted Chyllydown W (Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard x LP Painted Silver Toy H) –  6 May 2016.  Chestnut tobiano shetland mare.   Not color tested – ee, Aa, ?Z?, T?.

DNA – Pending

Chylly was born at LP Painted Ponys in Cameron, NC.


 LP Painted Chyllydown W LP Painted Chyllydown W

Chylly’s Pedigree

She can go any direction we want to take her.  Already a friendly little girl – she followed our granddaughter’s around when they went out to check up on her.  Even just hours old, she has very nice movement and should make both an awesome riding and driving pony.

Chylly’s Photo Album

Chylly - LP Painted Chyllydown W

2016 Shetland Mare


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Ami, B-B, Blitzen, Bunny, Chylly
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