Cupid2LP Painted StyleNcupid (All That Style N ClassLP Painted PuffNstuf) – 2010 Silver tobiano shetland gelding. Color tested – EE, aa, Zn, TT.  Homozygous black, no agouti, single silver and homozygous tobiano.  40″ tall.

Cupid was first Shetland born at LP Painted Ponys in Lillington.

LP Painted StyleNcupid LP Painted StyleNcupid

 Cupid’s Pedigree

Cupid is out of the first shetland foal that we raised, Stuffy. He has been started in harness and is working both single and as a pair. He’s worked with both KoKo and Ami.

We are hoping to have Cupid and Rio working together as a pair.  Rio has to finish growing out, but they will go together well.

Cupid’s Photo Album


Cupid, Dandy, Echo, Koal,
Kreature, Oly, Rio, Sami, Wizard