LP Painted AJs Echo (WF Action Jackson x Cherry-Hill Olympic Victory) – ASPC #16504. 42″ tall.
10 April 2013 Black Tobiano shetland gelding.
Color tested – Ee, aa, TT.

DNA – pending

Echo is the last foal by WF Action Jackson (AJ), born at LP Painted Ponys in Lillington.

LP Painted AJs Echo
LP Painted AJs Echo


Echo’s Pedigree

Echo’s name describes him well as the last foal of AJ. He has a similar disposition, yet a personality all his own.

Echo will be started under saddle as well as in harness. I have hopes that he will be a driving pony with a similar “drive” as his sire (FUN!).

Echo sired 1 colt who was cryptorchid. Both Echo and his son were castrated in March 2018.


Echo’s Photo Album

2013 Shetland gelding

Echo’s Foals


Echo, Kreature, Wizard