Eclipse - Captain's Melia

Showman’s Melia – (Captain’s Show-Man x O’Keefe’s Silver Girl). ASPC #158596.
5 May 2007 Black Mare.
Color tested – Ee, no cream. 41″ tall.

DNA – pending

Eclipse was bred by Henry & Liz Siemers of Iowa & came to NC with the first load of Shetlands in September 2009.

Eclipse - Showman's Melia
Eclipse - Showman's Melia

Eclipse’s Pedigree

Eclipse was bred by Henry Seimers. She was originally purchased & brought home for Vicki of Pampered Pets Pharm. She spent 2 months at LP Painted Ponys (Lillington) and got handled some before this wild little girl went home to Vicki. Paula & Vicki hauled ponies together to driving lessons in 2010. Eclipse drives single and pairs – logging, cart, wagon & farm equipment.

We’re excited to have her here at LP Painted Ponys (THANK YOU, Vicki) and hope to get a foal or two from her, that can join our pairs/teams, in the near future. She drives with Kreature (Bell‘s son) now, but we’d like to pair her with KoKo and see if that will work.

Eclipse’s Photo Albums

Eclipse - Captain's MeliaEclipse
LP Painted Ponys

Eclipse - Captain's Melia
Pampered Pets Pharm

Eclipse’s Produce

Image for pony foal

21 April 2015 Bay Gelding
By: LP Painted Mo-Olympus
Bay Tobiano Shetland



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