Flashi2LP Painted FlashNfluf – (All That Style N Class x Wa-full Koalahs Silver Fluff) – ASPC #162473; FC #5501.  2011 Silver Dapple Tobiano shetland mare. Color tested – EE, aa, Zn, Tt.  Homozygous black, no agouti, single silver and tobiano.   41″ tall.

DNA – pending

Flashi was born at LP Painted Ponys while in Lillington. 1st in a line of 3 full sisters.

LP Painted FlashNfluff LP Painted FlashNfluff

Flashi’s Pedigree

Flashi went to Majestic Farm Training Center, Wills Point, TX in 2012 and 2013.  She was conditioned and shown by Michelle McKenzie.  She went to Shetland Pony Congress in 2013 before coming home.

Flashi’s 2012 Show Record         Flashi’s 2013 Show Record

Flashi’s Photo Album


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