Flower2LP Painted Fleur-de-Lis (All That Style N Class x HNH Star Games) – 2009 Silver Bay Tobiano shetland mare. 44″ tall (7/14/17).

Not color tested yet – E?, Aa, Zn, Tt. ? black, one agouti, one silver and one tobiano.

Flower is the first foal by All That Style N Class (Iggy) for LP Painted Ponys in Lillington.

LP Painted FleurdeLis LP Painted FluerDeLis

Flower’s Pedigree

Flower was the first foal by “Iggy” out of “Star”. She has remained with LP Painted Ponys and has been started in harness.  She’s done her ground work with Paula and Vicki Y and had her first hitch in SC at Montmorenci Mini Milers with Kathy Batchelor.

Flower has had time off since returning home but we believe she’ll work as a pair with Cheri and as a 3 abreast with Cheri and GG or Cheri and ‘Clipse.  We’ll see.

Flower’s Photo Album

Flower - LP Painted Fleur De Lis

2009 1/2 Shetland Mare

Image for pony foal“foal”- LP Painted ?
September 2018 color? sex?
By: LP Painted Toro
Bay Tobiano – in pasture with mares late July 2017


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