LP Painted Silver Toy H – (Michigan’s Chief Red Fox x Little Jim’s Silver Bell). ASPC #162406; FC #5509.
10 June 2010 Silver Tobiano shetland mare.
Color tested – Ee, aa, Zn,Tt. 41″ tall.

DNA on file – ASPC & University of Kentucky.

“GG” was purchased in utero with her dam, Bell, and was born at LP Painted Ponys in Lillington, NC.

LP Painted Silver Toy H
LP Painted Silver Toy H

GG’s Pedigree

GG went to driving lessons throughout 2010 with her dam, Bell, and her dam’s full sister, Bit. She became accustomed to loading & unloading, the feel and sounds of various vehicles and harness and drinking “strange” water at events.

As a 3 year old, GG was started in harness and it wasn’t long before she was driving next to her dam as a pair. She drives single to a cart, as a pair with her dam and has ground driven as part of a 4-abreast hitch.

In the future, she will be paired with ‘Clipse. She has been introduced to a saddle & children, but is not formally trained to ride yet.

GG’s Photo Album

GG - LP Painted Silver ToyGG
2010 Shetland Mare

GG’s Produce

B-B - LP Bee-Bay T

B-B“- LP Bee-Bay T
15 June 2018
Bay Mare
By: LP Painted Toro – Bay Tobiano

Chylly - LP Painted Chyllydown W

Chylly” – LP Painted Chylly Down W
6 May 2016
Chestnut Tobiano Mare
By: Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard – Bay Tobiano Shetland


‘Clipse, Eclipse, GG, Koalah, KoKo, Stuffy, Tory