LP Painted Guinness StoutLP Painted Guinness T Stout – (LP Painted Toro  x Wa-Full Koalah’s Silver Fluff) – 17 March 2017. Bay tobiano shetland stallion. Not color tested – E?, Aa, T?

DNA – pending

Born at LP Painted Ponys in Cameron, NC.

LP Painted Guinness  LP Painted Guinness

Guinness’s Pedigree

Guinness reminds us of Ranger – a big stout fellow within hours of birth!  Not a showy, exquisite colt, but a nice personality and stout – befitting his St. Patrick’s Day birth.  We’ll see how he develops.  Believe he’ll make a super nice, no non-sense riding and driving pony.

Guinness’s Photo Album


Hopper, Guinness, Nymbus