Hopper - LP Painted T Hoppin' SilverLP Painted T Hoppin’ Silver – (LP Painted Toro x LP Painted Silver Bunny) – 21 June 2018. Silver tobiano shetland stallion. Not color tested – E?, Zn, T?

DNA – pending

Born at LP Painted Ponys in Cameron, NC.

LP Painted ? LP Painted ?

Hopper’s Pedigree

Bunny’s colt was born a bit early (I think) and he’s a TINY 1st foal for her.  At 15 days of age, he can still walk right under Bunny’s belly.  But he is making it up in leaps and bounds with a personality that is intrigued by anything you do.  He is a little follower – liking to follow when you go into his pen.

Hopper’s Photo Album

LP Painted ?

2018 stallion


Hopper, Guinness, Kappy, Nymbus