Lady Kay – (Royal Red Boy x Road Runners Regent).  ASPC #145728A.  1995 Red Roan (?Sabino?) shetland mare. Not color tested – ee, ?a, ?Rn, ?SB1?.  44″ tall.

DOB:  18 May 1995  Deceased: 26 February 2017

K-La’s papers haven’t been able to be transferred over to LP Painted Ponys due to missing documents.  Her foals aren’t able to be registered.


Lady Kay Lady Kay

K-La’s Pedigree

K-La came home in November 2013. She is from long standing breeding programs of Royal Pony Farm and the Ramm’s – both of Iowa.

K-La’s Photo Album

K-LA’s Produce

LP Painted K Blitzen Wiz

Blitzen – LP Painted K Blitzen W
26 December 2015 Bay Roan Tobiano Mare
By:  Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard
Homozygous Bay Homozygous Tobiano Stallion

Image for pony foal

2006 foal
By:  ER Look at Me Now
Bay  Stallion

Lady Kay 2005 coltHarmony O’ Taneum Hill
2005 grey (roan) stallion
By:  ER Look at Me Now
Bay  Stallion


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