Kappy - LP Painted Kappacchino TLP Painted Kappuccino T (LP Painted Toro x LP KoKo Pagasus H) – 4 August 2018 Shetland stallion. Not color tested – E?, Zn, Tt.

DNA – Pending

Kappy was born at LP Painted Ponys in Cameron, NC.

Kappy - LP Painted Kappucchino T Kappy - LP Painted Kappacchino T

Kappy’s Pedigree

Another very nice AJ grandson sired by Toro. He should make both an awesome riding and driving pony.  He’s flashy in color while being easy to keep clean.

Kappy’s Photo Album

Kappy - LP Painted Kappucchino T

2018 stallion


Hopper , Kappy
Guinness, Nymbus, Riddler